Land Rover has entered into a global partnership with Virgin Galactic, which will the brand's vehicles become part of daily life for the Virgin Galactic Team and for all future astronauts, the automaker said.

They took the covers off the Discovery Vision Concept, just one day before the opening of the 2014 New York Auto show.

The Vision, establishes the design themes, versatile, high-tech interiors and off-road prowess of the Discovery family". The British firm adds that it also previews "a whole raft of advanced technology that’s set to come from Jaguar Land Rover in the coming years, including the ability to control the car remotely.

The study employs several new technological features such as the Transparent Bonnet virtual imaging concept that projects images sourced from underbody and front-end cameras on the onto the windscreen, so that it appears as if the vehicle's bonnet is transparent, providing full visibility of what is underneath and in front of the car.

Here's some more tech from the concept:
  • Next-generation Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology creates a rich and truly immersive multimedia experience for all occupants, including video calls between passengers through the seatback infotainment screens, Smart Glass bringing the power of augmented reality to the entire glasshouse, and various functions, including the doors, indicators, headlamps and seatback screens, operated by Gesture Control.
  • Remote Control Drive enables the driver to manoeuvre the car at very low speed while not actually seated inside it. Remote Control Drive has various useful applications both on- and off-road, from coupling a trailer, to external spotting during extreme off-roading.
  • Visibility is greatly enhanced in all conditions with the powerful, day-like light of the laser headlamps, which feature intelligent object tracking and beam-dipping to improve driver safety.
  • Navigating tight gaps is made easy with the visual assistance of Laser Referencing, which utilises visible lasers to project markings, symbols  and imagery onto ground surfaces.