Alfa Romeo’s flagship sports car, the 4C will keep getting yearly updates and upgrades to keep the enthusiasm alive.

“We made a promise, and that was every year we will tell you something new about 4C, Alfa Romeo’s head of marketing Alberto Cavaggioni told Top Gear. An example is the recently revealed 4C Spider pre-production study.

“The first update that you saw was the most important one and that’s the one you saw at Geneva this year. The Spider. We were very keen to make sure we were in a good position to present this car,” Cavaggioni said, adding that interest for the 4C Spider has been huge.

“I cannot tell you too much at the moment, but we’re working very hard to make sure the DNA of the brand will continue. We know many people and customers are asking for this kind of thing, and we look into them so we’ll see," Cavaggioni mentioned.