We're going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to self-driving cars. Volvo is now testing the use of magnets on the roadway to help these cars determine their position. Volvo says using magnets is more efficient than using GPS and cameras, because road integrated magnets remain unaffected by physical obstacles and poor weather conditions.

“The magnets create an invisible ‘railway’ that literally paves the way for a positioning inaccuracy of less than one decimeter. We have tested the technology at a variety of speeds and the results so far are promising,” said Jonas Ekmark, Preventive Safety Leader at Volvo Car Group.

The large-scale test will take place around the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

“It is fully possible to implement autonomous vehicles without changes to the present infrastructure. However, this technology adds interesting possibilities, such as complementing road markings with magnets,” said Ekmark.

The research team created a 100-meter long test track at the company's testing facilities in Hällered outside Gothenburg, Sweden. They used ferrite magnets located 200mm below the road surface and equipped their cars with several magnetic field sensors.

The magnets prevented run-off road accidents and a more efficient utilization of road space. Check out the video below for more.