Hyundai showed off an ad, promising new car buyers in Brazil one extra year of warranty if the country's national team wins the World Cup this coming summer. Sounds great, but Brazil's soccer federation isn't having any of that nonsense.

They claim that the Korean carmaker has breached its intellectual property rights. The “Hexagarantia Hyundai” advertising campaign plays on the word "hexa", meaning "sixth" in Portuguese and promises Hyundai will increase its usual five year guarantee to six on new cars sold between January 1 and July 13 if Brazil wins the world cup for a sixth time.

CBF asked Hyundai to pull the campaign claiming the automaker infringes on their intellectual property and possibly because their official car partner is Volkswagen.

“Our lawyer went directly to Hyundai and told them they are using our property. It’s always a sensitive point but the CBF are the owners of the property,” Rodrigo Paiva, a CBF spokesman, was quoted as saying on Bloomberg.

Hyundai is not commenting on the matter, with the commercial still featured on its YouTube account, where it has garnered more than 1,180,000 views.

Hyundai is the official sponsor of FIFA and is allowed to use branding associated with the World Cup tournament.