Audi has a way to help you save fuel. Their advanced traffic light recognition tech will reportedly cut noxious exhaust fumes up to 15 percent.

The system works by alerting drivers about the most efficient way to drive at all time, from when to accelerate, when to brake and will receive the information via an in-car internet. It will work in conjunction with stop-start and any other fuel-saving measures.

For instance, “If the driver is already waiting at a red light, Audi connect will calculate and count down the time remaining until the next green light is scheduled to appear via a timer on the DIS. The system also interacts with the car’s Start-Stop function to ensure the engine is switched on five seconds before the green phase.”

A production-ready version was displayed on an A6 sedan at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014.

Check it out in the video below: