Auto Express quotes Mini chief designer Anders Warming as saying that the BMW-owned brand won’t launch any model bigger than the Countryman. “We won’t build anything bigger than the Countryman, not at this moment,” But isn't Mini already preparing the Clubman?

The Mini Clubman pre-production study unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show is 4,097mm long, 1,789mm wide and 1,561 mm tall, surpassing the Countryman in all directions except height.

Further into the report Warming says: “You should be able to park a Mini in a city, so a Countryman or this new Clubman is as big as it should be.” “Mini won’t build anything bigger than the Clubman.”

Built on Mini’s new UKL1 platform shared with BMW, the Clubman is 260mm longer and 187 wider than its predecessor, jumping from the B-segment into the C-segment.