The next time you need to refuel and if you're driving a BMW, expect some ads to show up. BMW is working on a project called "Virtual marketplace of the future" with SAP and wants to combine its location based information services with the needs and preferences of the individual user.

“In our vision for a virtual marketplace of the future, the vehicle will provide customers with context-adaptive, preference-based and timely offers and information relevant to their route,” says Dr Jörg Preißinger, Project Manager at BMW Group Research and Technology. In other words, future BMW cars will display ads adapted to the user and the route.

SAP developed a cloud-based virtual marketplace solution, and BMW developed a prototype in-car software system to get information and services from the marketplace to the customer.

The service allows same time and real time vehicle data to predict drivers' needs during the course of the journey.

BMW admits that in the future its navigation systems could provide “recommendations about special coffee deals at filling stations, the best parking deals or even real-time offers at a sports shop along the route.” However, the carmaker says the system will do that “only if the driver wants.”

Check it out in the video below: