Talk about zero emissions, Toyota is pursuing yet another eco-friendly alternative to gasoline engines with its FCV concept. The company claims that the vehicle, which will be available in 2015, will be powered by hydrogen and will only emit water vapor.

It borrows the same Hybrid Synergy Drive used in the Toyota Prius but swaps out the gas engine for a hydrogen fuel cell. The automaker hopes that the downside of having few hydrogen refill stations will be outweighed by the benefits of the fuel cell vehicle. It has a 300 mile range with constant power outages. One full tank of hydrogen gas in the FCV can power a house. For a FULL WEEK!

The automaker is working closely with the University of California Irvine's Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) to help map out the best spots to install hydrogen fuel stations when it will be available by 2015. [Toyota]