Several services will deliver to your location any alcohol your heart desires 24/7. Room service, home delivery service, and Happy Hour are now mixed into one with the best alcohol delivery Toronto offers. 

So, the party is over, the bars are closed, and you still want to party or just smooth sip and drink while relaxing? No need to feel down about the "last call for alcohol." Just order it by calling it in or ordering online for scheduled delivery and enjoy your own company while you wait for the delivery. Some services offer great deals and specials if there is an order of $50 or more, so there is no reason not to try this service in the Toronto area.

Delivery is the Safest Route

Drinking responsibly is one of the most extraordinary gestures to society a person can do. Whether throwing an after-hours party or sitting and drinking alone, there is remarkable comfort in knowing you and your guests remain safe. Having the alcohol delivered to your location is the smart way to go because you are already at your destination, and there is no reason for leaving and driving drunk.

Places that serve liquor are required to stop serving alcohol at a specific time, and once the bars and restaurants close, it can become challenging to continue the happy hours if you want to keep drinking at home or in a hotel room. The good news is that no one needs to drive around drunk, looking for an open store or place with liquor. Even better, it doesn't matter if it is one bottle, a beer keg, or several different spirit labels. The customers can order what they want and how much they want off of a menu screen of their choice.

The Different Alcohol Delivered

The party after the party is sometimes the most exciting and personal. Anyone wishing to down a fifth of whiskey can do such a day or night without worries about running out of their favorite alcoholic beverage. Have more guests coming? No problem! Go online and order more of the favorites. These are the types of liquor you will find:


All these are shared with friends and family while partying or watching a game or movie and are ordered at a moment's notice. The delivery times are fair depending on how many are ahead of you when the phone call or online order. Ordering in advance will guarantee the delivery at the right time, so there are no hiccups in the party or get-together.

Why from 2 AM to 9 AM No Alcohol?

Everyone wants their customers to drive home safely, though there are different times to shut down the call for alcohol (some 12 AM, some 2 AM). There are a few reasons the laws are enforced to stop the sale of alcohol in public. These rules do not apply to delivery services.

Crime increases
Drunk drivers increase
Fatalities increase

The main reason is to keep the public safe during these hours. Too many people were getting into accidents and causing misdemeanors in the public eye that disturbed the peace. The local governments found out it cut down on the issues they faced when these laws were implemented. People are safer, have more fun at home or in a designated area, and can live to party again with the laws that protect people. It is a rule of common sense.

How to Order Alcohol After Hours?

There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering alcohol after hours, and it will keep the spirits flowing and the people safe and have a good and relaxing time. Knowing and following the laws is critical, but there is no reason to get down in the dumps when the time for alcohol sales end. Here are some steps and tips to follow when using alcohol delivery services in Toronto.

Step 1: Know What You Want to Buy

It is critical to know what you want and the quantity of what you want to purchase. You may want to keep it simple, like beer, or you may want to kick it up a couple of notches with whiskey or mixed drinks. Always check out the menus and prices, if available, before you purchase the alcohol and look for any hidden fees that are charged extra.

Step 2: Find the Delivery Service

Go to a delivery service for alcohol and see what they offer and the locations they cover. Also, look at the service deals they have to offer. Some may save you money the more you purchase. It is always recommended to go with straightforward companies that let you know what you are getting for your money.

Step 3: Place Your Order

Click on all the alcoholic beverages you want and punch in the quantity. Most websites have a shopping cart where you can place your order and pay for it.

Step 4: Pay for Your Order

Most places in Canada accept credit/debit cards, Interac e-Transfer, or cash in CAD, EURO, or USD. Find the pay now or shopping cart button and click on it. From there, you should see a review of what you are purchasing. Enter your payment information and go from there. Most websites tell you how long the wait will be for the delivery, or you can place the order for a later date and time.

Step 5: Wait for the Delivery and Enjoy

The proper thing to do is always tip the driver, so if there is no option to tip the driver on the screen, list them in person when they arrive at your door for the delivery. They do not get paid a full commission. They only get a portion of the delivery fee, and they make their income off the generosity of tips from the public. Enjoy and continue to drink responsibly, as we commend everyone who cares for the people in doing so!