The term "grave headstone" actually comes from the ancient Greek word "tymbos," which means "to bury." Its meaning changed over time, but the term remained the same. These days, grave markers can come in a variety of styles. These include Bevel marker, Monument headstone, Upright headstone, engraved ledger, and more.

Monument headstone

The basic parts of a monument headstone are its die, tablet, and screen. These components are cut and dressed to fit together. They're normally placed at the bottom of the main monument. The main monument, or headstone, also contains a keystone. The keystone is a wedge-shaped stone, which holds the other stones in place. The rest of the monument is made up of end members. The epitaph is an inscription on the monument's surface, and it should tell the world something about the deceased.

Monuments can be large, flat, or round. Some are more sculpted than others. The most common material used to create memorial monuments is granite. This material is incredibly durable and is resistant to heat, cold, and staining. There are also many different styles and shapes to choose from. They can be as simple as a rectangle, or as elaborate as a statue.

Online monument suppliers can offer significant discounts over cemetery prices. They can also provide 24-hour customer service, which is helpful when a family is far away. And since monuments are usually custom made, the price can be negotiated to suit the family's budget. It's also possible to negotiate directly with the stonemason who crafted the grave marker.

A full monument is much more elaborate than a standard headstone or plaque. A full monument typically has a full slab covering the entire grave. It may also have other features like a garden bed, pebbles, or a statue. Some monuments even include religious motifs and vases, if desired.

The monument headstone is typically composed of two parts: a base and a tablet. The tablet is typically flat or raised and is often carved with a nameplate. Some monuments are also multi-sectioned. The base is the main part of the monument, while a bed is the lower part. Monuments can be a single upright or a double upright monument.

There are several types of monument headstones. Bronze monuments are the most popular type. The size of these markers is approximately 8 inches long by 5 inches wide. Their shape and size make them durable. Many monuments have a long inscription and genealogical information. They're usually about four inches thick and are installed flush or at the base of the grave. Some monuments are also called foot markers.

Bevel marker

A bevel marker on grave headstone is an inexpensive, yet decorative way to mark the grave of a loved one. They are available in several styles and are more customizable than upright monuments. They are also easier to locate than flush memorials. Some people attach a vase of flowers or a photo of the deceased. Some bevel markers also have an etched epitaph.

A bevel marker is a type of grave headstone that sits on the ground and is raised off the ground at its back edge. These markers are typically a rectangle shape and feature natural rock pitching along their edges. They can also feature cut designs and colors to create unique memorials for the deceased. Most cemeteries have regulations regarding size and colors of these markers, as well as the type of engraving on them.

Bevel markers are typically 12 to 16 inches high and are slightly raised from the ground. They are also thicker than flat markers. They can be placed on a solid granite base or directly on a concrete foundation. The base can be polished to add a more elegant appearance. Bevel markers are more affordable than flat markers.

A bevel marker on a grave headstone adds an elegant and personalized look to the memorial. Some markers feature decorative engravings or intricate sculptures, while others have an understated design. These options allow for an inscription to be added later. Choosing a grave marker is a personal decision, but Eirene's customer support staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

A bevel marker on grave headstone can be an excellent option for a single or multiple graves. They are available in a wide range of styles, granite colors, and price ranges. If you need a grave marker with a bevel top, Rome Monuments offers bevel granite headstones.

Upright headstone

Upright grave headstones are the most traditional style of gravestone. These markers are made of hard-wearing materials such as limestone, granite, or marble and are fixed to the ground with a concrete base. They are also designed to remain upright in any weather. Upright headstones are usually about 75 centimeters tall and seven to eight cm thick.

There are many different types of headstones. The type that you choose will depend on your loved one's taste and the amount of space you'd like to dedicate to their memory. Upright grave markers are made of a slab of stone that holds the inscriptions. Companion headstones are larger and wider than upright grave headstones and are used for more than one person.

Double headstones are another popular style. They mark two grave spaces and usually display two names. Double grave markers are usually more elaborate than single headstones and can have more illustrations or symbols. They are typically used by couples who want to be buried together in the same grave. However, double gravestones may be more expensive than single grave markers.

Upright grave headstones are also known as tablets or grave markers. They sit on the ground horizontally over the grave's head. Some are perfectly flat, while others are slightly angled. The angled design makes it easier to read the inscription and also allows for rainwater to run off. They typically measure about 60 cm by 30 cm in size.

Grave heads can be made of several different types of stone. One of the most popular and durable types of stone is granite. These stones come in a wide range of colors and finishes. They are also increasingly affordable. The stone chosen should be of high quality. If you want a traditional graveyard look, granite headstones are a good choice.

A gravestone can be a very detailed memorial. It can include a detailed inscription or even a picture of the deceased. It can also contain a small piece of artwork or a cameo. It's possible to choose a unique grave marker and personalize it to your liking.

Engraved ledger

When choosing an engraved ledger grave headstone for a loved one, there are many different ways to personalize the memorial. A traditional ledger grave marker will have a simple inscription, while an ornate grave marker may have elaborate scrollwork and vases. Choosing a grave marker that incorporates both a personal and meaningful message is a wise decision.

Engraved ledger grave headstones are not common in the UK but are more common in Germanic and Scandinavian countries. A ledger grave headstone is a slab of stone inscribed with a figure or text. The word ledger comes from Middle English lygger or ligger, which means "to write" or "to record." A ledger grave marker is sometimes the top of a tomb chest monument.

Ledger markers are popular for single-plot cemeteries. They can be used on their own as a memorial or can be paired with a headstone. This style is easy to maintain. If you want to personalize a grave marker, consider adding a floral design.

Full ledger grave markers command attention and respect. They can include basic information and a memorial inscription, or even emblems and portraits. These full-sized markers are also a great option for family plots and cremation ashes. The size of the full ledger allows for a detailed engraving to be created.

Grave markers with long, detailed inscriptions are usually longer than standard headstones. Many of them include genealogical information. They are usually 4 inches thick and are installed flush in the ground, with a slight angle. Some grave markers are mirrored or symmetrical.

Grave markers are available in many shapes and colors. For example, you can choose a heart-shaped headstone. Heart-shaped markers are very expressive and can be a testament to the long-lasting love between two people. In addition to the shape, you can customize the color and finish. Many companies are willing to customize a headstone to your specifications.