Coffee is once again the in-thing, evidently from a surge of cafes all around the world. Whilst coffee chains such as Starbucks have had long (brand) success, you don't really need to know much to order a cuppa from its standard menu of beverages.

But what about other coffee houses - like those artisan joints where people seem to be so-intelligently spewing names of coffees you can't be arsed to discover?

To avoid any sort of embarrassment, it's probably best you know the difference between the types of coffees before ordering a drink you don't understand.

Like, what is the difference between a Long Black and an Americano? Or a Latte and a Cappuccino? They look the bloody same! How much milk is going into a Cafe Au Lait?! Should I care?! Why are they using coffee instead of Espresso? I thought they were the same damn thing! Help.


This video from Mental Floss sorts all of that out. Understand the 27 popular types of coffee you see on menus anywhere, and you'll know exactly what your taste buds are getting into. Check it out below:

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