In all things bizarre and Russian, here's a video that begins with a dash-cam equipped car making a turn on what initially looks like a quiet street in Moscow's Marfino district. But then the driver stops, because there was an old lady crossing the road, and also there was a parked car with a driver wearing a Ferrari coat quarreling with a young lady.

Then suddenly, a tall man in a black suit with purple-colored, prickly hair, a Batman-style cape and Robin-like black eye mask, runs up to the scene to break up the quarrel and protect the woman in what looks like a valiant act.

In the meantime, the old lady continues to cross the road slowly. The Ferrari-coated man loses his temper and punches down the Russian "Kick Ass" hero, who gets up, grabs what looks like an umbrella from the old lady's bag, and whacks the man to the ground, and leaves the scene with the woman!

Whether or not this was acted out, we don't know. Watch it below: