Breaking Bad has finally come to an end, and if you have not watched the finale just yet, we suggest you skip this post entirely.

Everyone pretty much agrees that it was the perfect ending. Massive spoilers ahead!

Walt creeps in the shadows while he waits to spring on his old business partner and wife.

You never know when Walt is there.

Walt wants what's left of his money to go to Flynn and he wants them to do it. To make sure they do as he asks he terrifies them into thinking he''s hired assassins to kill them if they don't comply. It works.

Walt then creeps on Skylar for their last meeting.

He says a final goodbye to Holly.

Walt really knows how Lydia operates. So this is what he does with that final packet of ricin.

Pinkman has a flashback to better times as he's holed up prisoner in the meth lab.

Then we see him in chains as he's marched in to meet Walt for the final time at Jack's gang club house.

We know things are about to get real interesting when Walt manages to get his keys back.

He triggers the trunk of his car to spring and inside...

 is the massive machine gun he's jerry-rigged.

It unleashes on Jack's gang.

Wiping out almost the entire crew.

Except for Todd. So Jesse settles the score he has with Todd.

He pulls Todd to the ground and strangles him as Walt looks on while the dead body of Jack's number two man rocks in a massage chair.

After Jesse finished off Todd, it's Walt's turn to finish off Jack.

Walt gives Jesse the gun. Will Pinkman shoot Walt?

No, he sees Walt has been hit by his own gun. Jesse leaves.

Walt heads to the meth lab.

And now, the show ends.