For many people, the internet is the main source of their entertainment. With the likes of streaming and increased internet capabilities, many options have emerged for people to engage with.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular internet-based pastimes that have emerged and remained popular in 2022 that you should try if you’re ever bored and need some entertainment.

Online Gaming 

When video games were first released, they were mainly activities you would engage in on your own or with a friend playing alongside you on your sofa. Now, gaming has emerged to be one that is focused on online multiplayer. Instead of having that friend around your house, you can now play with and communicate with them over the internet.

Adults enjoy many popular online multiplayer games, including the modern classic Call of Duty.

In addition to this type of online gaming, online gambling has become very popular. Online gambling has grown to be a huge industry, and many people are captivated by the fast-paced and chance-based nature of games like slots, blackjack, and keno. Many online casino games are easy to understand and get into, making them perfect for first-timers. One really popular game is online keno real money games. These are simple yet exciting and are sure to be a good pastime.


YouTube has been the premier video-sharing website for nearly two decades. However, its popularity has only been growing in recent years. With it now adopting an additional TikTok style ‘shorts’ feature, YouTube still caters to everyone and includes content that allows users to fall down YouTube rabbit holes for hours.

Users can watch interesting podcast-style talk shows, fascinating documentaries, or just engage with the latest beef on YouTube. For people of a certain age, spending an evening on YouTube is a great internet pastime and can be a lot of fun for many.

Stream Music 

The internet has made music more accessible than ever. Instead of having to buy CDs for each artist, you can instead stream specific tracks and build up your ultimate playlist.

Plus, the likes of Spotify make it easy to discover new tunes and artists, allowing you to expand your horizons and grow as a music fan. If you have a spare evening with not much to do, you can really build an enjoyable time creating the perfect playlist.


There are many things you can do online for entertainment, with some being more mainstream than others. Although the likes of gaming, video watching, and music streaming remain some of the most popular activities this year, there are plenty of other things you can do, like talk to people on discord servers, share art on multiple platforms, discover new information on search engines, and simply just post and share opinions on social media.

The internet is like a new world, and you can pretty much do whatever you want there for fun. This is why the internet is the main destination for people looking to have fun.