Archie Karas, a professional poker player who famously made $40 million out of $50 over a three-year streak was arrested for allegedly marking cards at a casino in Lakeside, California.

Karas, whose real name is Anargyros Karabourniotis, was caught on surveillance cameras at Barona Casino marking cards. Authorities claim he cheated the casino of $8,000.

Karas was arrested at his Las Vegas home and faces extradition to San Diego. He's been arrested four times for cheating at casinos in California by card-marking, card-switching and pressing bets. This time he's being charged with burglary, winning by fraudulent means and cheating.

Authorities haven't specified how Karas marked the cards, but a seasoned Las Vegas gamer told ABC, "It's pretty much invisible to the naked eye except for those who have marked it and identified it... You can use a piece of sandpaper on your finger; you can use a tack glued to your finger; you can use the back of an earring."

Karas only lost one game from 1992 to 1995, winning around $40 million in a streak known as "The Run." But friends say that by 1996, he lost most of his winnings ($20 million in 10 days playing Baccarat).

"He really had no regard for money whatsoever," Poker Productions owner Mori Eskandani told ABC News. "He had no fear of having millions and losing it."