Now that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has finally decided to get serious about global warming, everyone else is wondering how it will affect their lifestyle. To give you an idea idea on how serious this matter really is, check out this interactive guide.

Powered by data from the UN panel, the chart compiles and analyses research on climate change to create projections and recommendations about how to avoid irreparable environmental damage.

To use the guide, just key in your birth year and the applet runs you through graphs of where we're at now in terms of temperature, where things will probably go, and the range of what may happen after you're gone. For those born in 1980, things have gotten warmer every decade you've been alive.  If things continue this way, the Earth could reach its no-going-back point by the time you retire.

To learn more on what you can do to put a stop to climate change, read the full post via The Guardian