To puff or not to puff? According to a new study, e-cigarettes may actually be help smokers quit or at least smoke fewer cigarettes overall.

The study which was published in the Lancet medical journal involved 657 smokers who were given either e-cigarettes, nicotine patches, or placebo e-cigarettes (no nicotine) for thirteen weeks.

While only 5.7 per cent of the participants actually quit the habit, the researchers did notice a slightly higher rate among e-cigarette category (57 per cent). Those who used e-cigarettes smoked also smoked only half as many cigarettes as they used to, while 41 per cent of those using nicotine patches decreased their intake by half.

While health officials and experts no doubt will continue to have concerns over the helpfulness of e-cigarettes, this still represents as the first major research to indicate that e-cigarettes could actually benefit smokers. And possibly even grumpy kittens:

NBC News