Online casino gambling is entertainment, a way to spend free time, a way to learn new fun games, and sometimes a way to suddenly win a surprisingly impressive sum of money! 

But there is a belief that online casino gambling requires lots of investments, that it is expensive and in addition suggests serious financial risks, plus there is always a risk of fraud! 

As a result, many people want to try online casino gambling but are reluctant to risk their money and sensitive data. So they wonder if there is a way to play at online casinos for free. 

Yes, there is! In this post, we discuss all the widespread options for free online casino gambling. Some of them even suggest cashable money wins. 

Is Free Online Gambling Even Legit? 

Gamblers looking for free spins no deposit casino Canada have to explore dozens of online casinos, some more reliable, some less reliable. Some offers look too good to be true and the natural doubt arrives if these online casinos and what they offer are even legit. 

First things first, that generally depends on location and local legal background. Some jurisdictions ban online casinos altogether, some do not regulate this market and turn a blind eye to it, some regulate the market but disallow free bonuses, and some regulate everything and allow most offers. So, that depends, and every gambler is responsible for checking the local laws out for themselves. 

But in general, as a marketing tool, offering free stuff is a legit move on the side of online casinos (if they’re licensed and respectable of course), and online casino gamblers can totally benefit from free offers. They should check the rules to make sure that the offer is really advantageous and they will get what they are promised of course. But eventually, a free online casino is totally legit. 

No Deposit Bonus Offers For New Players 

One of the most popular options loved by the majority of online casino gamblers is to grab a No Deposit casino bonus as a reward for account registration. 

There can be different types of No Dep bonuses, the main feature is still them being a reward for action or activity and not for money investment. Most often, online casinos offer No Dep bonuses for sign-up and this attracts new casino customers. 

More often than not, the No Deposit reward is a portion of Free Spins - sometimes very impressive - to wager in a slot game or a wheel of luck of some kind. Some online casinos - but they are few - offer small cash bonuses of $5 - $7 or equivalent, also to wager in specific casino games. 

No Dep offers tend to have higher wagering requirements than deposit-based bonuses, and there is always a low maximum possible win limit to prevent very lucky customers from winning over the roof. But even with these limitations, No Dep bonuses are nice to get. 

Not each and every online casino can afford to offer this type of bonus but some do, so online casino players can assess and choose the bonuses they like most of all. 

Practice Mode for Online Casino Games 

Practice mode is also called Demo mode or Play for Fun mode. This mode doesn’t bring any real money winnings but it is free, does not require any financial investment, or suggests financial risks. 

Practice mode is usually available at all online casinos that have their lobbies in open access for even unregistered website visitors. In other words, you can open any online casino and play almost any slot game, scratch cards, or automated table game, for free, just to have fun. 

Some online casinos - mostly the oldest sites - do not have their lobbies in open access and you need to register an account to see and browse through the lobby. We discourage you from registering accounts at such sites just for the sake of playing for free because it means additional effort and additional unnecessary risk for your sensitive data. 

It is important to mention that Live Dealer games are usually not available for free play, even with a registered account. 

Minimum-Deposit Free Spins Offers 

Some online casino gamblers do not mind an investment but only a small one. Good news is that many casino sites allow deposits as small as $1 or equivalent in other currencies, to play some real money games and even win real money in return. Moreover, some minimum-deposit casino sites even offer deposit-based bonuses, either Free Spins or some cash. This is also a nice option for real-money gambling not fully for free but with a minimum investment.