Are you a lonely dude still searching for the Daenerys to your Drogo? Besides going outside and actually meeting members of the opposite sex, you can also apparently learn a few love tips by watching all three seasons of Game of Thrones. Because where else are you going to learn important stuff like...

1. The willingness to try new things for your other half:

You may not enjoy certain things, but try it for her anyway - take it as repayment for making her watch a football game with you.

2. Ditch the pressure for exclusivity.

Everyone is more comfortable knowing if you're an item, or if you'll marry your new date (even after only dating for two months wtf!), but forget it. Go at your own pace and when it feels right, you'll know what to do.

3. Your date might have boldly gotten some facts wrong. You know this. But you don't want to offend them right away.

Because nobody likes a know-it-all, and worse, to feel dumb almost immediately.

4. Don't be a man. Ask for help.

If you usually know stuff, but this time you're on your girlfriend's turf, let her teach you a thing or two. You'll be surprised at how flattered they can get when you ask for their help.

5. Jealousy is the enemy.

Suspicion can kill a relationship - especially when you're wrong.

6. Thou shalt not backstab.

There are ears everywhere. You don't want shit you spilled about your girlfriend's friends getting back to her.

7. Choose your battles wisely.

You need to let the petty things go. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, it's best you bring up issues that REALLY matter, which brings us to..

8. Acknowledging the problems in your relationship, and address them immediately.

Don't run away from your issues. If you don't talk about them, you'll end up reacting to them in a way that might jeopardize your relationship.

9. Appreciate your time with her.

Because you never know when things will go bad for you, or her, or for the both of you.

10. Don't hold on to a relationship in fear of being alone.

Like seriously. Have some respect for yourself!