Due to the legalization of marijuana in Canada in 2018, this industry has experienced tremendous development, resulting in some amazing innovations and conveniences for anyone who uses marijuana or products derived from cannabis. One such illustration is the enormous growth of online marijuana retailers like DankHub weed delivery, which offers a huge selection of goods from blossoms to pre-rolls and edibles. With weed delivery, obtaining your weed is now much simpler, and you do not even need to leave the house. Instead, you can shop online, order whatever you want, and have it delivered right to your door.

Can I order weed delivery in my province?

Really, it all comes down to where you are from. The regulations governing marijuana pickups and deliveries by each province are mentioned below.

British Columbia

The only cannabis vendor in British Columbia with a valid mailing permit is currently BC Cannabis Stores, although this could change in the future. Cannabis can also be purchased legally online for click and collect. In this instance, you place your weed order, pay for it online, and then go to the shop to collect it.


In Alberta, it is illegal for private cannabis retailers to transport marijuana. You can still place a direct purchase, though, from some province-run businesses like BC Cannabis Stores. Canada Post and Purolator provide flat-rate shipping services. There are some places, though, where you can order online and collect in person.


There is home delivery offered from some chains in Saskatchewan, like 5 Buds. The only options offered by some businesses, like Fire & Flower, are reservations and in-store delivery. Depending on where you purchase, deliveries may only be possible on specific days and with certain restrictions. Over a certain threshold, some retailers provide free delivery, and others may give same-day rush services.


Depending on the shop and location, delivery may be available. The majority of marijuana shops in Manitoba do offer delivery, and some even provide same-day rush services all day long. This makes ordering cannabis online and having it delivered right to your door extremely convenient. In some places, an on-demand service is also an option. If you would rather go to the store in person to pick up your purchase, pick-up is also an option.


In Ontario, it is illegal for private marijuana businesses to transport to customers. The Ontario Cannabis Store does, however, permit the delivery of legal marijuana across the state. Numerous shipping choices are accessible, and same-day delivery is an option in some regions of the province.


Only the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) operates a legal online dispensary in Quebec and provides deliveries. In this province, private stores are not allowed. However, quick delivery is available throughout the province, and you can count on your purchase to show up within one to three working days.

Newfoundland and Labrador

In this province, only CannabisNL provides authorized delivery services. However, the stores themselves actually manage the majority of these delivery services. This means the amount of time it takes for your marijuana to appear can vary depending on the store. You will not have any issues getting your marijuana transported as long as the shop has a valid license.