Help your client say a definite "yes".

The key to the most successful sales is to give customers a clear example of how exactly your product will help solve the problem that makes them live worse.

Today you will learn in detail about gap selling with our help.

What is gap selling?

Gap selling is a specific type of sales methodology that specializes in identifying the current state of a customer and stepping them into the future state you want, as well as identifying  gap selling discovery questions.

Pros of the Gap Selling Method

One of the great benefits of intermittent selling is that this methodology allows you to absolutely focus on the customer, rather than constantly negotiating your product. Opening questions will let you understand how the client feels in real time. 

Gap Selling Discovery Questions

To be successful in gap selling, you must first know how to ask the right  gap selling discovery questions.

The basis of this methodology are research questions. In gap sales, opener questions allow you to determine the environment in which the buyer lives, as well as what components it has: his emotions, neighborhood, home, work environment, family.

In this type of sales, there are 3 types of opening questions:

1. Leading questions

For example:
How would you describe the problem you are currently struggling with?
What works or doesn't work in your company?
What are your expectations from modern new technologies?
These types of questions exist to extract the most detailed information on a specific clear issue.

2. Questions-provocations

Have you ever thought about switching to (…)?
What do you think about the goals (…)?
If (…), how are you convinced […]?
Provocative questions focus on challenging the client's views and thoughts. They lead the client to think about their present situation or problem in a way they had no idea about before.

3. Checking questions

Here are examples of such expressions:
If I understand you correctly...
Just to make sure...
Did you mean that...?
Review questions are often closed questions to verify exactly what you know about the client, or to confirm the point that the client has just expressed.

Gap selling example

For example, the Revenue Grid gives you a sales dashboard with all the information you can about pending opportunities, past events, and emails already sent. You'll be able to find out which opportunity has no recent activity, which one is most likely to convert, and which one has no recent activity. Using this information, you can develop the right research questions to make it easier for sales reps to start conversations with potential customers.

The Revenue Grid also gives you tools like a detailed deal guide and clear sales funnel visualization that gives you a pretty clear picture of the progress your company teams are making during their workflow. Everything is automatically synchronized in real time using the Revenue Grid.

Gap Selling Summary

Gap selling is currently the most powerful selling technique that allows you to collect key information about potential customers using  gap selling discovery questions and sell the benefits of your product or service in a way that customers can clearly transfer the positive impact to their everyday lives.

Take Advantage of Gap Selling with the Revenue Grid.