Every woman’s been there. You meet a great sugar daddy who seems like he could be the one. He’s good-looking, he’s ambitious, he’s smart, and he’s incredibly fun to be around. You can picture a fantastic future with him at times, but there’s just one glaring problem. You’re not really sure he sees the same future for himself with you.

Naturally, you don’t want to call it quits prematurely with someone you really like. But you don’t want to waste months, if not years, of your life waiting for a diehard commitment-phobe to have a change of heart, either. Here are some signs to look for, the better to help you tell the difference before it’s too late.

He’s allergic to labels.
While there’s nothing wrong with just keeping things casual in the beginning phases of a dating situation, the day eventually comes when you need to talk about where things are going. So if you’ve been seeing each other a while, how has your sugardaddy reacted to any attempts to ask what you guys are?

Lots of commitment-phobic guys don’t necessarily see themselves that way. They think they just don’t like putting labels on things, and they’ll say as much if asked to define a situation they’ve been in for a while. But the thing is, a guy who’s serious about you and sees you in his future won’t have an issue saying so. Think twice before wasting a lot of time on anyone who thinks otherwise.

It's been forever since his last relationship.
One great way to get a read on your relationship potential with a particular sugar daddy is to consider what his long-term dating patterns might be telling you. If he’s the type to be close-lipped about his relationship past, you can likely figure things out by talking to other people who know him or looking back through his social media feeds.

When was his last serious relationship? Has he ever had one? If he has no real history of committed relationships in his past, the chances are incredibly slim that he’ll change his tune in the near future, especially if he’s already got you wondering whether he’s serious about you.

You’re always out of the loop when it comes to big life decisions.
When a guy is serious about a woman he’s dating, even if he hasn’t definitively told her so yet, he’ll see her as someone to confide in when it comes to the bigger things going on in his life. He’ll want her input on a new car he’s thinking of buying or a new neighborhood he’s thinking of moving to. At the very least, those things will come up in conversation.
So tread carefully if the guy you’re seeing doesn’t mention things like that until after the fact, let alone ask you what you think before the decisions have been made. It’s a sign he doesn’t value your opinion and likely doesn’t see you as a terribly important part of his life, let alone his future.

He doesn’t like making plans.
And not just plans about the far future, either. Commitment-phobic men tend to dislike making any plans more than a week or two in advance. They likely won’t explicitly say that, though. They’ll just always have a handy excuse at the ready when and if you ever try to invite them to a concert, a festival, or any other event that might be further out than a couple of weeks.

He likely doesn’t know whether he’ll still be seeing you by then. And naturally, if he does ever talk about any long-term visions of his future, pay attention to whether you factor into the picture at all. If it doesn’t seem like he sees you there, you might want to reconsider how you see him, as well.

He doesn’t even talk about important people in his life.
Of course, some people are simply loners who aren’t that close with their families and don’t have many friends by choice. But even very introverted people usually have at least a couple of close relatives they see and talk to often. Take note as to whether the sugardaddy you’re seeing actually talks about those people with you in any capacity.

A sugar daddy who’s serious about a woman will figure it’s just a matter of time before she meets them, so he’ll tell her things about them and talk about what they’re like. Be careful of men who not only never mention the people who are important to them, but never ask about those who are most important to you, either. He may just not see the point, as he assumes he won’t be dating you long.

So if any of the above signs sound familiar, be careful with your heart and ask yourself some serious questions about whether you want to keep things going. Remember, there are wonderful, emotionally mature sugar daddies out there who are just as ready for a long-term commitment as you are. Don’t settle for less.