Dabbing is currently one of the hottest trends in the cannabis world. As more people get into the art of dabbing, it’s also evolved quite a bit in the past years. 

From being a mysterious art that’s practiced only by the most hardcore cannabis stoners, dabbing has become a mainstream branch of cannabis smoking, introducing new gear and accessories to bring users an unforgettable dabbing experience. 

If you’re ready to try dabbing, this article outlines the essential dabbing vaporizer accessories and tools you’ll need. 

1. Dab Rigs

Dabbing starts with the right dab rig. Most dab rigs look like regular bongs, but they come with a nail instead of a bowl for the herbs. While most people opt to use traditional bongs, you want to invest in a specialized dab that can stand up against higher temperatures and allow you to get the most out of your dabs. Dab rigs come in all sizes and shapes, so it’s pretty sure you can find the right one for your needs. 

2. Dabbing Tool

Dabs are sticky. Trying to take a small dab of your cannabis concentrate with your hands can result in a messy setup. Not to mention that you’ll have to transfer it into a pre-heated dab nail. If you’re not too careful, you risk getting burned. 

This is where a dabbing tool comes in. Think of a dabbing tool as a small spoon or scoop designed to easily and safely transfer your cannabis concentrate from its container into the heated nail. 

Most dabbing tools are made of quartz, glass, ceramic, or titanium. They also come in different styles, including scoop or spoon for loose or sticky concentrates or those with flat or blade ends for shattering solid concentrates. 

3. Nail

The nail is a part of your dabbing rig that’ll be doing the most important work—heating your cannabis concentrates. 

When choosing a nail, keep in mind that the joint size of dab rigs can vary. Thus, you want a nail that fits the joint of your specific dab rig. Also, make sure that the nail is made of a high-quality material that can hold up to high heat. 

In general, most dabbers choose titanium nails. While it’s relatively more expensive than other materials, a titanium nail is long-lasting and indestructible. 

4. Dab Torch

Dabbing requires heating your dab nail to a specific temperature to vaporize the cannabis concentrate. To do that, you need a dab torch. While there are various torches available today, it’d be best if you get one that’s specifically meant for dabbing and not the ones used in the kitchen. 

When looking for a dab torch, choose one with a large flame output that allows you to heat the nail quickly and evenly. Also, you need to use a high-quality butane when refilling the torch to ensure proper functioning. 

5. Carb Cap

This small dabbing accessory can enhance your experience. Typically made of quartz, glass, or titanium, the carb cap allows you to control the airflow within the rig and helps you take dabs faster if you want. 

Once you’re finished taking the initial heat, the carb cap can keep the remaining extracts in your rig. It prevents your remaining extracts from dissolving and escaping into the air so you can get the most out of your concentrates.

Carb caps are quite cheap and may come in various beautiful and creative designs that can accentuate your dab rig. 

6. Quartz Bangers

When heating the nail with a torch, you can damage your dab rig if the nail becomes too close to the rig. Most traditional dab nails are completely straight and are positioned close to your rig. This is where a quartz banger comes in. 

A quartz banger features a unique design where a domeless dish is placed away from the joint to distance heat from your rig. In addition, a quartz banger also features a large dish design that allows you to vaporize more concentrates easily. 

7. Concentrate Containers

Every dabber requires a container to keep their cannabis concentrates and oils safe and uncontaminated. Ideally, you need something waterproof and airtight. It also ensures discretion when traveling with your cannabis concentrate, preventing your extracts from being seen or releasing a strong smell. 


There’s no denying that dabbing is a favored way of consuming cannabis in this modern age. That said, a complete dabbing gear setup is the only way to ensure the perfect dab every time. Whether you’re a dabbing amateur or a seasoned stoner, investing in these essential dabbing tools and accessories can give you a relaxing and unforgettable dabbing experience.