We all have them – bits and pieces of old electronic items and appliances all gathering dust in almost every corner of our household. This is especially true if you’re a bit of a gaming buff and know your way around computers, television sets, telephones, printers and fax machines, and whatnot. 

If you have a bunch of old electronic items and appliances in your home, perhaps you can still find a use for them – or better yet, put them to good use. The old saying is true: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and it is certainly how it is with your old electronics and appliances – and you can even make money from them! Here’s all you need to know about old electronic items and appliances – and what you can do with them.

What are old electronics and appliances?

Electronic items and appliances are any device or gadget that runs on batteries or electricity and performs a specific action or function. These devices can be complex or simple and small or large, and they can range from laptops, smartphones, and tablets to refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. But it’s important to know that over time, electronic items and appliances become outdated, broken, or unusable – and this is where the challenge of disposing of them safely and responsibly comes in.

What can you do with them?

Sell or donate

Your first option is obvious – you can do away with your old electronic items and appliances either by selling them or donating them. If your gadget or appliance is still in good working order, you may want to sell it online on half a dozen sites or to a secondhand shop. On the other hand, you can donate it to a charity, community organization, or school that may find it useful.


Another sure way of disposing of your old electronics and appliances is to recycle them. Recycling is the most environmentally friendly way of disposing of e-waste, and, as recycling professionals like Langley Recycling KC points out, it helps reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. Many electronics and appliances even have valuable materials like copper, gold, silver, and plastic that can be recycled and then reused. 

However, keep in mind that not all recycling centers are equipped to deal with e-waste - and some may even export it to countries without the proper environmental regulations. Do your research and select a reputable and fully certified electronic waste recycling facility.


If you feel extra creative, you can also repurpose old electronic items and turn them into something new and useful. For example, you can transform an old PC monitor into a planter or fish tank and use old cables and wires to create amazing artwork. You can repurpose your old electronics in countless ways - and your imagination only limits the possibilities.


Of course, if your electronic item or appliance can't be repaired or reused and is no longer functional, you can dispose of it. But this is crucial: avoid throwing it in a regular trash bin, as electronic waste can be hazardous to health and the environment. Look instead for a center or drop-off point in your location where you can dispose of your old appliances and gadgets properly and safely.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com