Air conditioners are a common appliance found in homes and businesses. They can keep you cool when the temperature rises and help reduce the energy needed to maintain a comfortable living environment. 

However, if your air conditioner breaks down or malfunctions, it can lead to costly repairs or replacements. 

Here are some common signs that your AC needs a heating and cooling Albuquerque services by Wagner Mechanical.

When Your Ac Needs Heating and Cooling, Albuquerque Repair Services

1. A Strange Smell Coming From Your AC

It is not normal for an air conditioner to smell bad. The smell might be caused by mold growing inside the ductwork of your unit. This can lead to mold spores spreading throughout your home if left untreated long enough. It is also possible that a burned-out wire within the unit is causing the strong smell.

2. The Unit is Old

Usually, air conditioners last for about a decade. If you have an older unit, it will probably need to be replaced. An older unit's efficiency diminishes over time and eventually becomes less efficient. Replacing an old unit with a newer one can be expensive, but it is often worth the investment if you want to save money on your energy bills.

3. The Unit Has Frequent Repairs

A constant stream of repair calls for your air conditioner could indicate it is time for a replacement. If your HVAC technician has made several trips out to fix the same problem or if the repairs continue after a certain point in time, then this may be a sign that something more serious is wrong with your AC system and that it will need to be replaced soon.

4. Moisture and Leakage Around the Unit

If excessive moisture leaks around your air conditioning unit, this could also be a sign that there is something wrong with its operation. Excessive moisture could lead to mold growth and structural damage because of water damage to flooring or walls around the air conditioning system. You should call a professional if you see this kind of leak so they can come out and repair or replace your unit as needed.

5. Noisy Sounds When Running

These noises may include grinding, scraping, or squealing, indicating problems with a belt moving out of place inside the unit. Contact an HVAC expert as soon as possible to avoid costly damage to other parts.

6. Humidity in the Home

If there is too much humidity in your home, it may be a sign that the air conditioner is not working properly. This can cause mold, mildew growth, and other health issues like allergies and asthma attacks.


HVAC repairs can be a huge hassle and are usually not cheap. Avoiding these repairs as much as possible is still the best option. Or, if you are going to have these issues, knowing what signs to look for will make the next move easier. You may find some minor issues can be patched up and easily fixed, whereas other problems may leave you with only one option—repair or replacement.