If you have tried methods of outdoor advertising such as billboards or transportation advertising, then it may be time to branch out. If you are looking for a unique way to increase your brands visibility then you may want to consider wallscape advertising. Keep reading for everything you need to know about this advertising method.

What is Wallscape Advertising?

Wallscape advertising is a large-scale method of advertising that places ads strategically on the side of buildings. This type of advertising blends well into its environment by blurring the lines between art and marketing. Unlike billboards, which have predetermined dimensions, wallscapes can be any size or shape that the building will allow for. They can be painted directly onto the buildings by a team of highly skilled artists. They can also be printed onto large vinyl panels which can be attached to the building.

Regardless of the way they are applied, you won’t be able to see this type of advertising just anywhere. Other methods of outdoor advertising such as billboards or street furniture ads are going to be common in any area that allows for them. However, you need the right environment to display a wallscape advertisement.

Wallscape ads are best displayed in large metropolitan areas with a high concentration of buildings. This is due to the necessity of large buildings in high traffic areas. In more rural areas, billboards are great because you can erect one just about anywhere. Large spans of interstates are lined with them for miles. But when it comes to a wallscape, you are going to want to utilize buildings that are common in large cities like parking structures, multistory apartment buildings, and large brick and mortar businesses. In most of the major cities in the U.S. these places not only get a ton of foot traffic but can be seen from far away when passing by.

Best Places to Display a Wallscape

The general rule of thumb when deciding where to put an outdoor ad is to look at high traffic areas that fit into your desired demographic. You will want to think about locations near freeways, highways and major roads as well as the downtown urban areas and places where people frequently commute. Proximity to the product or service you are trying to advertise is always key as well.

When it comes to advertising to a local market, wallscapes are not always going to be your first choice. As discussed previously, smaller towns with fewer buildings are not going to be an ideal place for a wallscape. So if you are trying to advertise specifically to a small area, you should stick to billboard advertising. However, if you are trying to run national ads, there are a few cities that are perfect for wallscape advertising. Here are some of the best cities to display a wallscape ad in:

1.      Los Angeles: When looking at wallscapes, Los Angeles is always going to be number one. This unique and diverse city has no shortage of opportunities to take out a wallscape ad of any size or shape. Los Angeles not only has large buildings and parking structures lining just about every street, but they also have an incredible amount of people traveling through the city each day. And that doesn’t even include all the tourists that roam throughout the city year-round. Your ad will see tons of people on foot and even more by car as drivers will often spend plenty of time sitting in the infamous LA traffic.
2.      Seattle: Wallscape ads look like they belong in this city as this unique form of artistic advertising blends right into the vibe of downtown Seattle. Seattle, similar to LA has no shortage of buildings that are begging to be advertised on. Where Seattle differs from LA is in the type of travelers you see out and about each day. There is more foot traffic in this city which allows passerby’s more time to view and take in your ad. The cost of wallscape ads in this city is also going to be less than some of the larger areas like New York in LA, so if you want to cut down on cost Seattle is a great option.
3.      New York: Of course, we couldn’t leave New York out of our top three. New York is a main hub for advertisers as the city is dense in population and large buildings alike. There is also no shortage of diversity in this city which means your ad will be seen by people from all different backgrounds. And if your ad is designed well enough, someone could just snap a pic with it and upload it to social media. If enough people do it then you have just gotten some free advertising!

A Creative Way to Advertise

Wallscapes are an artistic and unique way to immerse your audience in your advertisement. And the right wallscape can have a lasting impression that will help boost your business and increase your brand's visibility!