A lot of couples see surrogacy as their only chance to grow a family together. It happens due to different medical reasons. This is where surrogacy is really useful.

While some countries have serious restrictions on this kind of reproductive technology, others allow you to use them. To know all the nuances, you definitely need the help of a surrogacy attorney.

Let’s see when asking surrogacy lawyers for help is the most beneficial for you.

Reason one: Get to know local surrogacy laws and limitations

A regular lawyer can specialize in a lot of things: real estate, insurance, and other fields where the law applies. When it comes to surrogacy, laws are very specific and every country has its own set of regulations that can sometimes be difficult for foreigners to manage. This is where you need some help from a lawyer that specializes in reproductive rights and laws: if you plan a surrogacy program in another country where it’s allowed, you have to know the rules to make sure everything is legal.

There’s no better person to guide you through these regulations than a surrogacy attorney.

Reason two: Become parents legally

Using different reproductive technologies can be tricky, and some countries set really strict rules. In order not to mess with them and have a surrogate baby legally, you need a lawyer’s help. 

A surrogacy attorney will dive into the paperwork and local laws with all their experience to make sure you won’t have any legal complications during the process.

Reason three: signing the right contract

Speaking of paperwork, every word you sign counts, and legal language can be really difficult to comprehend sometimes. Luckily, a good lawyer will help you interpret all of the rights, rules, and conditions explained in your contract with a reproductive clinic to make sure there are no blind spots where becoming a parent can get complicated.

Reason four: your rights are protected

There’s always a chance that things might not go according to plan during the surrogacy process. This is why you need someone by your side who will advocate for your rights and defend your interests if any complication arises. Of course, you can hire a regular attorney for that, but working with a lawyer that specializes in surrogacy cases gives you a lot more chances of winning the case.

Reason five: get your parental rights as early as possible

When the baby is born, intended parents can have trouble establishing parental rights over it. A surrogacy attorney does everything to defend your interests and make sure you become a legal parent of a surrogate child without any tardiness.

When it comes to applying for the surrogacy process in other countries, it’s especially important to know when you can legally become a parent and under which conditions ‒ a specialized lawyer will help you with achieving the desired parental status.

Where can you find a surrogacy attorney?

First, you have to choose the country where surrogacy and other reproductive technologies are legal. A lot of Americans and Europeans choose Ukraine for this important journey ‒ the country has definitive and even somewhat liberal surrogacy regulations. Of course, this might be a long journey, but with a good clinic and professional surrogacy lawyer, you won’t experience any serious troubles along the way.

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