If you own property with asphalt, it's important to ensure it stays in good condition. But how do you know when your asphalt needs repair? An asphalt can give plenty of warning signs that something is wrong, and the sooner you catch them, the better. To avoid trouble, you should keep on the lookout, constantly checking for any bad signs. Here are five ways you can know whether your asphalt needs repair.

#1. You Can See Cracks and Holes in Your Driveway

Cracks and holes in your driveway are among the most common signs that it’s time for an asphalt repair service. Cracks and holes are unsightly and can lead to further damage to the paving if not taken care of properly. Call an asphalt repair service immediately if you notice any cracks or holes in your driveway.

#2. Your Driveway Is Starting to Sink

Another sign that you may need an asphalt repair service is if your driveway is beginning to sink or dip in certain areas. It could be due to something as simple as soil erosion from rainwater runoff. It could also be more serious, like a faulty foundation or improper installation.

A sinking driveway could also damage vehicles that pass on it, leading to more financial losses. Be sure to call asphalt contractors in Palm Harbor, FL, at the slightest sight of sunken paving.

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#3. You Have Weeds Growing Through the Asphalt

Weeds are never welcome guests on your property. But they can become especially pesky when they pop up through your asphalt. 

Weeds often grow in areas where there are cracks and gaps in the surface of the pavement. They also spread their root network under the surface, deforming the asphalt paving. So if you notice any weeds making their way through your driveway, it could signal that you need to repair your asphalt. 

#4. The Surface of Your Driveway Is Uneven

Uneven surfaces can occur for many reasons. Improper installation or incorrect sealing techniques used during previous repairs on the pavement surface are the most common. 

If left untreated, uneven surfaces can cause damage over time and lead to even bigger issues. A professional will be able to assess what kind of repairs are needed to restore your driveway to top condition again.

#5. Your Current Sealcoat Has Worn Away

Seal Coats are designed to protect the underlying pavement layers from environmental elements. And that includes water and UV rays. 

Over time, however, seal coats will naturally start wearing away due to normal wear and tear. It leaves open areas where those weather elements can begin causing damage. If not addressed in time, the asphalt starts withering, developing potholes that accelerate its deterioration.

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If you suspect something might be wrong with your asphalt, then now is the time for you to pick up that phone and call an experienced asphalt repair service provider. They will help get things back into shape before further damage occurs. Call the best asphalt contractors in Tampa, FL, today to restore your paving to its previous glory.