We've seen a ton of famous actresses baring it all in their movies before. From Reese Witherspoon to Anne Hathaway, Katie Holmes, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, the list goes on. But not all are comfortable doing the full monty. Some of them have used body doubles before. Here are some of them you thought you saw naked but didn't.

1. Olivia Wilde – The Change-Up

Olivia Wilde’s topless scene in The Change-Up was performed by CG-generated nipples used for the topless scene. The "technology double" was very pricy and sure fooled lots of people. Olivia Wilde appeared topless though in the 2006 film - Alpha Dog.

2. Julia Roberts - Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts used a body double for the love making scenes, as well as a model's body for the infamous poster.

3. Isla Fisher – Wedding Crashers

Isla Fisher didn't bare it all in Wedding Crashers. She decided to use a body double and talked about her decision saying, “I feel like if you have a female comic character and then you see her nipples, then she is no longer funny which is clearly wrong but that was my theory and that’s why I didn’t want to do it.”

4. Jessica Alba - Machete

We thought we got a glimpse of Jessica Alba nude from the side view in one of the scenes in Machete, but she quickly revealed that she was actually wearing full underwear and a bra. Her clothing was digitally removed to make her appear naked.

5. Brooke Shields – The Blue Lagoon

The famous Blue Lagoon scene where Brooke Shield's character bared it all was made with a body double. And for obvious reasons - because she was only 14 years old at that time.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow – Shallow Hal

While Gwyneth Paltrow has done her fair share of nude scenes before, in Flesh and Bone and in Two Lovers, she decided to opt for a body double in a sex scene for the comedy Shallow Hal.

7. Keira Knightley - Domino

Keira Knightley chose to use a body double for her semi-nude scenes in the 2005 film Domino, simply because she wasn't happy with her body. She then decided to go full nude in a sex scene with Adrien Brody in The Jacket in the same year later.

8. Mila Kunis – Friends with Benefits

Mila Kunis is shown naked from behind in the 2011 film - Friends with Benefits, but that's not actually her. She opted to use a body double because she didn't want to reveal too much.

9. Vera Farmiga – Up in the Air

The sex scene in Up in the Air between Vera Farmiga and George Clooney was fake. She had just given birth and didn't want to show her body off because she was self-conscious. She told Entertainment Weekly, “The breast milk down both sides – it would have been inappropriate.”

10. Lindsay Lohan – Machete

Lindsay Lohan also appeared naked in Machete, but not quite naked. She used a body double in Machete, though the following year she did go full nude for Playboy magazine.