If you've ever been to Italy, then you'll realize that no one really gives AF about parking properly. That means, you can park your car in the middle of the street, and well, nothing's gonna happen. Here's a gallery:

1. Is this a parking? Sure..it is.

2. Stop! And park your car.

3. When tight spots don't even....

4. Four-spots-guy.

5. Parallel parking expert.

6. This is normal.

7. Apparently, so is this..

8. Parallel parking is for losers.

9. Easy in. Easy out. Right?

10. If the sidewalk fits, it's a parking!

11. Question: How did he get out?

12. Double parking level 99.

13. At the very least, they respect OKU parking.

14. But they don't respect signs.

15. And when you can't fit, do this: