Horse riding has long been hailed as one of the most calming and refreshing sporting activity. By being a part of ancient battle equipment as well as a leisure activity for people of all sorts, horse riding has successfully made its prominent mark on the pages of history. If you are passionate about horse riding, it is important that you know about the many advantages which come along with this leisure activity.

1. Improves body balance and coordination
Riding a horse is an excellent way to improve your body balance. As compared to simple trotting, riding a horse actually requires you to put in a good deal of body balance and coordination to prevent falls. As the horse gallops and jumps over the hurdles, several jerks are transferred to the rider from horse’s back. In order to balance them out, a rider is required to maintain a good deal of body balance to remain on his seat. Similarly, adjusting your body and coordinating it with the movements of the horse is necessary to enjoy a fall-free horse ride. 

2. Tones muscles
Muscle toning is just one of the many benefits of riding a horse. The inner thigh muscles and the muscles in the pelvic region specifically receive a good deal of workout resulting from the galloping of the horse. Similarly, the shoulder and hand muscles are constantly moved to adjust and divert the horse’s movements. This results in muscle toning as well as increased flexibility in the body.  

3. Develops core strength
In addition to the toning of the inner thigh and pelvic muscles, horse riding also provides core muscle workout. In order to maintain balance on a cantering horse, certain muscles have to remain engaged at all times. This results in the development of solid postural strength and increase in core muscle strength. 

4. Mental refreshment
Horse riding has long been used as a mean of mental refreshment and exercises. By being a leisure activity for the viewers as well as the riders, it offers mental relaxation and entertainment to both parties. The riders especially benefit from riding a horse as they are required to remain mentally present in the field to control the galloping buddy in the field. In addition to this, handling a large animal helps in the development of personal confidence which helps the rider in everyday activities. 

5. Cardiovascular workout
Not all horses which are involved in the riding have the same strength and agility. In order to adjust with the strength of each horse, the rider will have to adopt a vast range of muscle strength and power. This results in the development of cardiovascular strength and increases in cardiovascular capacity. 

6. Streamlines focus and energy
Horse riding is an all-inclusive activity and requires much attention and focus. By providing the riders with an opportunity to focus all their attention and personal energy into driving the horse correctly, this activity takes one’s mind off the negativity and worries of life. In this way, the riders are able to get rid of unnecessary energy in a constructive way.