The reasons for driving under influence can be very different. The legislative system practically does not differentiate in any way the degree of responsibility of the driver, who in completely insane form drives at a very high speed on a heavily busy highway (which clearly jeopardizes the life and health of other traffic participants) from the driver who having drunk one bottle of beer, rearranges the car in an empty yard with observance of all possible precautions in his situation, at a very low speed.

What is the punishment? Decisions on cases of drunk driving are taken only by the court. If you need a qualified help, Toronto criminal lawyer will do everything to defend your rights in court.

Alcohol intoxication is a painful condition of the body caused by the impact of ethanol on both your brain and the body. There are three stages of intoxication: light, medium and heavy.

The last two are practically obvious (inadequate behavior, loss of coordination, incoherent speech, and even complete insanity), the first one is controversial. After all, there are no obvious signs that you are drunk, and there are only prerequisites for such a conclusion. Among the few signs there is good mood and smell from the mouth.

At the same time neither the inspector, nor anyone else can determine accurately the degree of your drugged condition.

Almost 90% of drivers sincerely plead guilty in court and hope for the court's indulgence without even trying to defend themselves. Most often drivers do not know that the test for alcohol still does not prove anything, since the color in the device can change if you have a disease similar to the symptoms of intoxication.

If after you have breathed in the tube of a breathalyzer, the electronics decided that you are drunk, but you are categorically sure of your sobriety, you have the right to demand from the inspectors that your alcoholic intoxication should be confirmed in the medical institution. You have every right to do this.

Do not forget to mention your disagreement with the results of the check on the spot, and the requirement to take you to the hospital in the protocol, in the explanation column. It is also important to remember that any of these checks should be carried out in the presence of two witnesses.

To issue, accuse, and convict you of drunk driving are three different parts of one procedure, from which the police, the court, or any other public body cannot withdraw.

And how an experienced mechanic determines a malfunction in the motor by ear, so drinking and driving lawyers determine the tactics and strategy of your defense by analyzing the documents, and all the information received about each individual case, while having a rich experience of rendering assistance in such cases.

The most reliable way to get rid of the risk of getting a fine, depriving of the driver's license, damaging the car is not to drive drunk and in a period of sobering.

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