You don't need a super serum or a radioactive creature to give you some superpowers. You already have some of them. All you need to do is tap into these simple brain hacks. Find out below:

1. Looking for something? Start from right to left. You are trained to look from left to right, so you are more likely to skip over things if your eyes scan in that direction.

2. Expressing vulnerability is a way to get people to help you. Just say "I need your help." Most people won't deny someone who explicitly needs them.

3. Dressing well, having good posture and hair will give people the impression you are of good social status, have a great job and basically everything about you is awesome.

4. Make people more relaxed around you by matching their posture and position. Monkey see, monkey do.

5. Throw someone off their game in sports or competitions by asking them to break down what they're doing so well. Over thinking will likely make them fail more often.

Boom. It's over!

6. If you nod your head while you talk, it makes people more inclined to agree.

7. People only tend to notice things they are looking for. Throw them off a scent by offering them something they think they are looking for.

8. Screw up someone's counting pattern by rambling numbers in a pattern. Their brain will latch onto it like a virus.

9. Posture can have an effect even on yourself. Spread your arms and legs as far as you can for 2 minutes a day to get a large boost of testosterone and other confidence boosting chemicals.