A set of new golf clubs is a good investment indeed, as they last for about ten to fifteen or even more years. And besides, choosing the right golf clubs can let ladies have the most enjoyable golfing experience and achieve success in the sports. The wrong set of clubs may discourage ladies to focus and engage themselves to the sports, and give them the tendency to give up so easily and fast. 

There are custom fitters available so golf players can find clubs that precisely match their unique ability and size, but unfortunately not all golfers have access to these professionals. To those who do not have access to them, they can opt to follow the process below to find success finding the best golf clubs for them. 

Guidelines When Buying Golf Clubs For Women

When choosing, it is a must that ladies know their swing characteristics and body measurements. 

Finding Measurements

Your golf club should perfectly complement your height. 43 inches is the standard size for ladies’ driver, and this is made and intended for players with a height of about five feet and nine inches. Using this measurement is highly recommended when choosing the most complementing length of driver for players to use. Subtracting or adding an inch on the driver for any inch higher or lower than the five feet and nine inches. To cite an example, is 42 inch driver for a lady’s height of five feet and eight inches. 

Evaluate Swing Speed

Other than the height or length of your club, another essential factor to consider when buying a club is the type of shaft. When choosing a golf shaft, the swing speed must be known. This may not be assessed easily, as you must play couple of times before getting your accurate speed. It is not recommended that you buy expensive set if you have not verified yet your actual speed. 

For those women who have not tried playing golf yet, but want to have a new golf set, it is a must that they visit a pro shop. This is where they will make few swings while a golf professional watches them. The pro will be the one to evaluate and assess the swing speed of the player. 

Meanwhile, if both practicing in golf course and visiting a pro shop are impossible, you can consider age, ability and experience instead:

Ladies Shaft: this is the best to use by elderly, slow swingers and high handicapped. This type offers the bend or flex among the clubs
Regular flex Shaft: this on the other hand is perfect for experienced, younger players that have faster swing speed
Stiffer Flex Shaft: This is best for low handicapped, physically fit swingers and ladies with faster swings. This kind of shaft offers longer shots

When choosing golf clubs for women, it is necessary that the two – right measurements and speed swing is considered highly, as this can allow women to play at their best.