South Korean President Moon Jae-in has stated there are serious flaws in the 2015 agreement between South Korea and Japan regarding the South Korean comfort women 

forced to work in World War II brothels. The conclusion of the South Korean panel was the deal did not satisfy the needs of the thousands of females forced to serve in the military brothels of Japan. Moon does not believe the agreement can solve the issue. Moon said the deal was political, excluded the victims and violated the principles of international society. The Japanese government believes changing the deal would make relations unmanageable and are unacceptable. 

An unnamed source within the Japanese government was quoted as saying it was now especially hard for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to be able to travel to South Korea to see the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February. It has been stressed by the State Department of the United States it is important a strong relationship is formed between the two key Asian allies. The issue is sensitive and requires all parties to work towards healing, mutual trust and reconciliation. The security issues for the region remain the focus including pressuring the regime of North Korea to abandon their weapons program for missiles and nuclear weapons. 

When Moon was asked if the deal regarding the comfort women testimonies would be declared null and void the response was using this term was unacceptable at this point. The final position of the government has not yet been presented. The agreement made in 2015 provides a fund of 1 billion yen for the Korean comfort women and an apology from Japan. Both countries agreed provided the obligations were filled the issue would be irreversibly and fully resolved. Moon made a commitment to normalizing relations and providing cooperation with Japan in the future. Abe was quoted as saying not so much as one millimeter of the agreement would be changed. A spokesman for the South Korean Foreign Ministry stated the results of the investigation were being taken both humbly and seriously despite the stance of the government of Japan. 

The spokesman added follow up measures would be formulated as quickly as possible to help the women heal the wounds within their hearts and regain their honor. There is an extremely bitter history shared by South Korea and Japan including the colonization of the Japanese. This is important for the efforts being made internationally to rein in North Korea's missile and nuclear programs. These are in defiance of the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council. 

The comfort women stories have been an issue between Japan and South Korea, North Korea and China for a long time. The Korean peninsula was colonized by Japan between 1910 and 1945. During the war the Japanese also occupied areas in China. The colonial legacy rule is very sensitive in South Korea. This is especially true regarding the issue of the comfort women. Some of the ultra conservatives in Japan are denying the comfort women were ever forced into brothels. Moon is a liberal who came to power in a snap election in May. This occured after Park Geun-hye was removed in disgrace. There was criticism against the conservative government for not consulting with the South Korean comfort women prior to the 2015 settlement. Moon promised the agreement would be negotiated during the campaign trail. 

A poll was taken last year in December. The results clearly showed 59 percent of all the South Koreans believed the deal must be nullified. The deal was only supported by 25.5 percent of the population. Park is currently on trial for a corruption scandal and was forced out of power.