Believe it or not, but men may not be as good as handling money compared to women. All those chain-email heart-warming stories about how wives have always been there to help their husbands save up may actually be statistically useful knowledge for men: let your woman handle your money, or learn a thing or two from them!

Now here's the thing. You're worried if you hand over everything to your partner, or follow her "financial advice", you'd blow it all on vacations, suits and cars, everything lavish! But that's far from the truth. Women are actually more prudent when it comes to money.

Here are 6 reasons men should let their partners handle their money, or learn how to from them.

1, Don't get caught up in your ego.

Most men tend to get caught up in the status symbols of money and don't want people to know they're going through a rough patch. Maintaining the aura that everything is fine is the first mistake you'll make. Communicate with your partner, because that's what they'd do if they were you. Discuss if anything can be done to mitigate a bad situation.

2. Cut back on discretionary spending.

While men and women both reduce their expenses in hard times, most women truly cut back whereas men tend to seem more selective.

3. Sustainability

Women are more worried about sustainability of retirement savings compared to men. This is because they are likely to live longer and have higher medical and care expenses as a result. Men need to assume that they will live longer so they can manage their money better.

4.  Be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

While men tend to be confident that everything will work out, women often assume things could go awry and plan for that possibility. In a lot of ways, that's the smartest investing mantra everyone should adopt.

5. Don't be shy to ask for help.

This rings back to men's ego. Guys are less likely to ask for help compared to women if they are lost. Or if they have financial troubles.

Reaching out for help is the best way you can solve any problem. No person is truly alone, so it never hurts to ask for advice and to think of solutions.

6. Save more money when everything is going well

Assuming the worst has yet to happen, saving even more money when everything is going well instead of splurging it is a very good financial habit to have. Studies have shown that women are always planning for emergencies, even when there isn't one and that's a good thing.