If you're in the market for one, remember to avoid buying something you will regret later on. Here are 20 examples of t-shirts you should never, ever own. And if you do, best you never ever wear them out!

1. Someone needs to go back to school to learn how to spell.

2. Most famous lame t-shirt found in Thailand, bought by most guys.

3. Erm, NO.

4. Thanks for letting us know you've got a sailor's mouth.

5. Wearing your heart on your sleeve huh?

6. Don't let this guy into pools.

7. How much did he pay that chick?

8. We are pretty sure of that.

9. Keep the lie detector. There isn't a need for it.

10. And if you get caught for drinking and driving..

11. Behind it says: "By myself"

12. Too bad diabetes and an impending heart attack is winning.

13. You can't afford the shame.

14. So wrong.

15. Optical illusion.

16. That explains the slumped shoulders.

17. Three more to go. Three more to go!!!

18. We don't know why anyone would buy this t-shirt.

19. Or this one.

20. Have you no shame?