If you are planning to buy a skateboard that will make you happy, you might have found it challenging to pick the right one from the many available in the market. The experience you will derive from owning your skateboard is determined by the choice you make while purchasing, so you got to make the right decision in this case. 

To help you go about buying a skateboard, here are guidelines outlined to support you on your decision.

Buy from the right shop
Quality is a priority you would not want to compromise while looking for a skateboard and for this you have to take cognizance of the fact the only way you could get quality is to buy from reputable shops. If you have to buy from a local shop, make sure to first get reviews and opinions from those who bought from them in the past as this will guide you to know if you are likely to also get something reliable.

The other option you have is to buy online, and in this you have a wide array of shops to buy from, most of which have reviews you can rely on to gauge their suitability to sell you the kind of skateboard you are looking to acquire. This option is a good way to choose a skateboard.

Size matters 
Size is another factor you should consider when choosing a skateboard. The idea is to choose a size that perfectly befits your skills. If you are skilled enough and you skate regularly, you will likely be comfortable on a 7.5 to 8” deck. If your venue is in pools and parks, it is recommended to choose a size 8” and above

For street skating, you will need smaller wheels as the ground is mostly even, and one benefit is that they are more responsive and lighter, which makes it easier to flip them. Someone interested in vert skating will do best with wheels measuring between 54mm and 60mm because the wheels are bigger and thus can cover a wide surface area.

Many of us will miss out on an amazing skateboard simply because it lacks graphics. I mean, this is one of the things that do not matter as far as using your skateboard goes. It does not impact performance in any positive way apart from making the board to look awesome, so if you happen to spot a skateboard with all the other things in place but lacks graphics, you should buy it. But this is not to mean you should never get one with graphics because they make a good sight especially if you hang your skateboard in your room.

Shape preference 
In addition to getting the right size, you also need to consider the shape of the skateboard as this is one of the defining characters of the best skateboards. Skateboards are available in different shapes and it might be difficult to choose one that stands out for your case. This is something you learn as you continue to try new boards, so there is no golden rule here. Just get what you feel most comfortable riding.

Still unable to choose the perfect skateboard? Don’t be intimidated. It could take you some time to amass the skill you need to distinguish the best from the rest. Just keep skating and with time you will gain the skill to know what qualifies for a perfect skateboard.