Acquiring the best talent in the market requires resources in both time and money. The process of hiring is expensive, and the costs incurred during this process are advertising costs, referral bonuses, travel, costs, and payment for third party recruiters. Also, during the recruitment process, there are posts that are usually vacant, meaning there is an aspect of your business that will have dwindling productivity. 

Employers, therefore, need to be very objective with their recruitment. Making the right hiring decisions goes a long way in helping the company avoid recurring recruitment costs due to termination or attrition. 

To promote informed hiring decisions, companies conduct an employee background check. Here are the problems that employers avoid by doing these checks.

1. Hiring candidates with false credentials

We live in the digital era, and a lot of technological advancements are taking place. This has made it possible for people to fake papers and certifications, getting them in positions that they do not deserve. Verifying that the certificates the employees present are legitimate is essential as it is the only way to know if you can trust them with the job you are giving them.

The employers who make the mistake of skipping this step always suffer losses and incompetence, which is detrimental to the organization's profitability and reputation. Call the colleges they have listed in the resume to confirm that they have the education credentials required for the role. This way, you can trust the person you are hiring to deliver.

2. Hiring criminals

Doing employee background checks goes a long way in ensuring that you do not hire criminals. You want to know if the candidate has had legal issues in the past or faced any legal convictions. This information will bring out so much to light, and you will avoid problems like theft, embezzlement, and other vices that can lead to the downfall of your business.

You can check with the federal or local courts to clear this and to ensure that your business does not fall victim.

3. Legal costs and liabilities

Inviting bad hires to your company exposes you to liabilities and other legal costs. For instance, if you hire a driver charged with DUIs, you are likely to be taking liability for the many accidents he will cause. 

Your business is also likely to be sued for negligent hiring, whereby you have to take liability for an incident caused by your employee since you knew that they would cause harm. 

Take away

Doing employee background checks protects your business from liabilities and ensures that your other employees work in a safe environment. It also goes a long way in protecting your customers. 

In your next recruitment, conduct the checks so that you are familiar with the character of the person you are bringing to your company. This will prevent a lot of headaches and also boost the productivity of your business. You will get employees that will stay, hence avoid recurring hiring costs.