Gambling started with the earliest human civilization. Research has revealed that the production and use of paper money could have been inspired by card gambling in China. Poker can be traced back to over 3,500 years in Minoan civilization. 

Old Egypt and Mesopotamia civilizations too were actively involved in gambling. It is believed that most forms of gambling today evolved from the Greeks. 

Greece’s oldest forms of gambling

There were no booming online casinos in old Greece as it is common today. However, ancient Greece had gambling games similar to today’s casinos. 

According to research, the oldest known gambling games in ancient Greek were coin tossing and dice throwing. Several mythological stories mention gambling and the use of dice in the fortune temple discovered in Corinth. 

However, there are conflicting schools of thought concerning poker. Some say its origins are in Greece, while others suggest it was China or Persia. 

Mesopotamia and Egypt 

According to archeologists, the earliest human settlements were in Mesopotamia. They have recently discovered gaming artifacts which they believe were used to bet for outcomes of games and events like music festivals and wrestling. 

They would throw dice and the winner would be gifted. The dice were first made from bones and later from wood, stone, and metal. 

In Egypt, knucklebones were initially used as dice. They threw the dice to consult the gods and the answer was revealed through the dice. Archeologists recently discovered a 20-sided die used in ancient Egypt. 

Ancient China

Unearthing ancient China’s gambling history is one of the things for history lovers to do online whenever they have free time or are bored. Archeologists discovered some tiles in China which they believe were used for rudimentary game of chance. 

References from old Chinese books record a lottery kind of game called Keno was played approximately 200 BC. China is also known as the pioneer of playing cards which began in the 9th century. 

Gambling in the US

The archeological discovery in Utah points to a cave casino that was common among Native Americans in the 13th century. The more than 10,000 items discovered reveal that gambling was widely common in the US. According to research, women used gambling sticks to assign varying tasks. Men gambled too to predict the women’s outcomes. 

Ancient popular games

Par Impar Ludere was a game where one person held a bunch of objects in hand and the other person would predict how many pieces they were. It was a game of influence like the way someone can use tactics to influence likes on videos posted on TikTok. 

Some of the most popular games in ancient civilization that can be related to gambling were drawing straws and heads and tails. For the transactions, players used shells before coins were made. Various sculptures and paintings from ancient Greek civilization suggest that the people used dices as well.