The upcoming 18th June 2017 is an important day as the whole world celebrates the spirit of a father. It is a day dedicated to all the dads who added value in our lives. Both the set of parent, i.e., mom and dad are equally important for our upbringing but dads are not enough credited. So, on this day, you must not forget to wish him and make his day a special one. Here are some fathers day gift ideas that are best for those dads who loves to spend time outdoors mostly.

Bird-watching essentials: Some people are closer to nature in a way that normal people won’t understand their characteristic nature. Observing the nature and its chirping tenant, i.e., birds is a great leisure time activity. If your dad loves reading about various beautiful birds and spotting them in their habitat, you must get some bird-watching essential elements for him. A bird feeder, a latest book on birds, and a latest binocular would be suggested greatly.

Hammock: If your dad loves to spend his weekend or leisure time in your garden or lawn, you can think of gifting a hammock to him. Buy a hammock with stands or the ones that can be tied between two trees. He is simply going to love this amazing unique father’s day gift. You can also get a MP3 player for him so that he can have a relaxing nap in his garden.

Set of camp cookware: This is perhaps the most interesting of all the gifts. If your dad is a true lover of Nature and sets out to unknown lands quite often, this would be a perfect gift for him. These sets comprise of pot, strainer, pan, mugs, bowls, and spoons. They are designed in such a way that it won’t eat up much space in the suitcase or travel bag.

Sleeping bag and sleeping pad: Sleeping well is very important to lead a healthy life. Generally, when people are travelling, they may not find proper sleep everywhere, especially if the location is too hot or too cold. If your dad is going to some colder region, get a sleeping bag for him which would provide enough warmth to fall asleep. The next gift is a sleeping pad that can provide an easy bed even in wild forest camps.

GPS Locator: You may have heard stories from your dad about being lost on some expedition! Now, this is a scary feeling – right? Now times have changed and you have all the techniques to go the right way. A GPS locator is one such helpful tool that would always give you the correct idea of your location.

A pop up tent: When your dad would be tired and exhausted after so much of trekking or walking, he would want to fall asleep instantly. This pop up tent is such a gift that requires hardly a minute to set up and thus your dad would be saved from the pain of setting up the tent like old times. Get this one as a father’s day gift and make him smile brightly.

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