Currently, the popularity of wigs is very high for women. They purchase it to pair with certain clothing styles and themes, and not have to style their real hair each time. Plus, those who train to cut hair also find wigs useful and they utilize it for practice.

While you would find many wigs available in the market, most of them would not include pre-made bangs. If that is something you desire, you can make one yourself on the human hair Lace Front Wig of your choice. The steps are easy to follow after you practice for a while, and later repeat on a real-life model. 

But first, it is important to consider what bangs would work for you in the first place. 

Types of Bangs 

Certainly, bangs are a favorite of many and since the early 21st century, it has grown in popularity. Many women prefer adding this hair styling to their look for an added attractive element. There are many types of this that you can use depending on your face type. Some are mentioned hereafter. 

Blunt bangs- These types of bangs go straight across the forehead and stop near the eyebrow level. For a more edgy look, people often choose to cut it a little past the forehead level, nearer to the eye-line. 
Chinese bangs- This is a variety of blunt bangs, especially those ending at the eye-line, not above. It is a very versatile style that you can try on your Lace Front Wig and suits different face types. Yet, if you have a longer face shape, this straight bangs style works the best here.
Choppy bangs- While these bangs look similar to blunt bangs, they are not as straightly cut. This is good for those who want to avoid the severe blunt fringes, but do want to highlight the eyes. 
Side-swept bangs- This style of bangs works well with heart-shaped or round-shaped faces. They run diagonally across the forehead from the top head region. Therefore, it gives an asymmetrical shape and that makes your look very attractive. You can practice this on the Lace Front Wig with different hairstyles easily. Indeed, it is very suitable for several hair types too, like straight, wavy, thin, and thick hair.
Pixie-cut bangs- Much like the pixie-cut itself, these bangs are many short in size and cover the forehead top. If you have an oval face, this style is suitable alongside a cropped haircut. Also, this fashion is good with longer hairstyles too, especially for those who tie up their hair too often. 
Layered bangs- For those who have larger features, this particular type of bangs is perfectly suitable. 
Parted bangs- You can practice how to do the parted bangs on a Lace Front Wig comparatively easily. In this style, the bangs are parted on two opposite sides to frame your face. As for the parting, this works both with mid-part and side-part looks.

The importance of practicing on wigs

When you are cutting bangs at home, it is not the simplest thing to do without practice. Owing to this, people take the help of wigs to safely try the cutting out. After all, wrongful cutting can ruin your entire look, and some styles may not suit you well. 

In such a case, taking the help of professional stylists is a smart move. Or, you can keep practicing your technique on the Lace Front Wig to improve your skills.

Steps of making bangs in Lace Front Wig

When you are practicing cutting the bangs on human hair wigs such as the Lace Front style, you need to follow some steps. This would ensure that the end-result would look good and you can wear it well.

1. Wash 

First, you need to wash both your hair and the Lace Front Wig you plan on using. In case there were any sediments like residue, oils, or styling products remaining, this would wash it away. 

Massage shampoo into the scalp using your fingertip pads gently, all the way down to your locks. Rinse out the shampoo and use a lightweight conditioner in a dime-sized amount. Keep it for 5 minutes and then rinse. 

2. Attachment  

Wear the Lace Front Wig securely onto your head and attach it well. 

3. Remove tangles 

Comb through the wig hair gently and get rid of any tangles or knots. 

4. Sectioning 

Then, part the hair into two sides, either from the middle or either side, whichever you like better. In the case of the former, you have to part it in a triangle manner and start twirling the hair. Usually, bangs start 1-1.5 inches away from the hairline. If you want thicker blunt bangs, take more of the hair and bring that forward. 

5. Clip things in place 

Clip this sectioned part of the Lace Front Wig, and tie the rest of the hair at the back of your head. 

6. Make the cut  

You should twist the amount of hair you sectioned for the bangs again and take out sharp scissors. Thereafter, cut this twisted portion 1/4 inches in length; you can make detailed cuts later. This way, when you let go of the twisted portion, the sides would appear longer and the middle, shorter. 

7. Extra details 

Comb the bangs straight in the front using a retail comb and assess the precision and length. After this, chip at the bangs to get the appropriate shape you desire. If you are opting for Chinese bangs, note if the edges of the bangs are in a straight line. 

8. Finishing 

Consequently, you need to finish the look, and using a flat iron would help. Heat it to 200℃ and curve the curls inwards. If you need to make any more styling to your wig, do so and then set it with a lightweight hairspray. 

All in all, you can manually make bangs on your human hair lace front wig to add a good look to your overall appearance. However, you must trim the bangs slowly to get the type of shape you need. If you quicken the process, you may cut the fringe in the wrong manner and ruin your progress. Thus, use a steady hand and do it precisely.