Your baby boy does not have to be able to walk and run before he gets his first pair of cool sneakers. Baby boys make the coolest and cutest fashion statements if dressed properly. Properly sized shoes are not only good for adults but also for babies. Most Indian parents tend to buy oversized shoes for their non-walking baby boys since babies grow out of their shoes and clothes so quickly. However, to shape your baby boy's feet properly and help them develop healthy movement patterns, properly sized shoes will be his best friends.

With an insurmountable amount of information about this on the internet, it can get too overwhelming to find the right kind and fit of shoes for your boys, so below is a Boys Shoes Size Guide 101: Top Pro Tips & Shoes To Look For Based On Your Baby Boy's Age. So, confidently buy best boy's shoes online and ensure your baby boy's feet are taken care of way before he learns how to take care of himself.

A Shoe Size Chart for Baby Boys
Let's start by looking at a size guide. Various brands  buy best boy's shoes online have their own size charts as per their production methods. However, in spite of their differences, if you've chosen the right shoes for your boys, you'll only have to go one size up or down, even if you buy from different shoe brands every time.

Toddler shoes
Age Group UK Euro US CM
4 to 6-Months 1 17 2 10
6 to 9-Months 2 18 3 11
10 to 12-Months 3 19 4 12
12 to 15-Months 4 22 5 13
15 to 18-Months 5 22 6 14
18 to 24-Months 6 23 7 14.5
2-Years 7 24 8 15
3-Years 8 25 9 15.5
4-Years 9 27 10 16.5
Kids shoes
Age Group UK Euro US CM
5-Years 10 28 11 17
6-Years 11 30 12 17.5
7-Years 12 31 13 18.5
8-Years 13 32 1 19
9-Years 1 33 2 20
10-Years 2 34.5 3 21
Youth Shoes
Age Group UK Euro US CM
11-Years 3 35.5 4 22
12-Years 4 37 5 23
13-Years 5 38 6 24
14-Years 6 39 7 25
Product measurements
Size Heel Height Length Width
3 4 22 10.5
3.5 4 22.5 10.5
4 4 23 10.5
4.5 4 23.5 10.5
5 4 24 11
5.5 4 24.5 11
6 4 25 11

Pro-Tips to Buy the Right Boy’s Shoes Based on Their Age:

1. Is the Toe Box Comfy?
The toe box is one of a shoe's most crucial elements when trying to get the right size for your young or baby boys. The wrong-fitting toe box can teach your boys to scrunch up their feet on the inside before you even realize it and encourage them to develop very unhealthy movement patterns. For the right-fitting toe box, please ensure that your baby boy's big toe and the end of the shoe (by the toe box) have at least one fingernail worth of space between them. Less than this, and your boys' feet will not have enough space to breathe, move around, or develop. And any more than this, the shoe might keep slipping off their feet.

2. Fitting at the Heel
Please ensure that the heel of your boys shoes have heel tabs on them so you can have an easier time helping them put on their shoes. Children are usually running their way through the world, so the right fit for heels is crucial when buying a shoe for any child. So, make sure the heel is not too big, so your boys don't keep losing their boys shoes while running and risking tripping and falling. Also, if the heel is too tight, it hampers your boy's range of motion and can cause blisters and calluses. So, to ensure that the heel is fitting your baby boy just right, once the shoe is on, do the one-finger test. If you can easily insert one finger between the back of your boy's heel and the shoe's heel, which fits snugly, you should have the right fit.

3. The Sock Test
Young boys are always active, on the go, and sweating since that is the most natural way of maintaining their body temperature. So, socks are an absolute essential in shoes. Before you check to make sure that the boys shoes are the right fit, please ensure that your baby boy is wearing a pair of regular socks. Shoes fit differently with and without socks, so you may think that a particular pair of shoes is too big for him until he puts on some socks. If you're buying a pair of boys shoes for the winter, make sure your baby boy is wearing warm socks or compression socks inside specific sports shoes.

4. Shoe Tongues are Stylish and Functional
Laces give your boy a snug fit of the shoe, so even if it plays his heart out, he can stay safe and perform to the best of his abilities. However, these laces can cause rashes or blisters from friction if not for the tongue of the shoe. Please ensure that the tongue of the shoe is straightened out and is protecting the upper part of your boy's feet before taking a call on the fit of his shoes. The tongues on most cool boys shoes have engaging colours, designs, and cartoon characters, so the shoe can fit right while giving your boys immense joy.

Boys wear shoes everywhere. It is quite rare to see children without comfy boys shoes on since they are learning to develop healthy movement patterns and are always on the move. Comfy shoes are the need of the day, but style should not be compromised. So, peruse the internet for boys shoes with cool designs, vibrant colours, and comfortable designs. Follow the tips mentioned above so you can find the right sizes but ultimately, let your boys pick their own favourite colours, designs, and styles of boys shoes so they can get the ultimate flaunting rights!