Here's a fun disgusting fact about sausages that no one really wanted to know about sausages. The "tangy" sausage flavor that many of you have come to love was achieved via bacterial fermentation, and the lactic acid responsible for fermentation either comes from the meat juices themselves or from commercially available bacteria.

Just when you thought things couldn't get anymore disgusting, a bunch of Spanish scientists are claiming that probiotic bacteria is a much better option for making these sausage as it can "burn away belly fat, treat depression, lower inflammation, prevent urinary-tract infections and fight infant gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation."

Here's the tricky thing about probiotic bacteria. The microbes we'd be using would come from human feces. And since infant feces is richest in probiotic bacteria, they've decided to experiment these safe bacteria strains by making Mediterranean pork sausage harvested from baby excrement.

The resulting product that was healthier sausage that was lower in fat and sodium. They even managed to trick a team of tasters into sampling the stuff, and they were apparently "very good." No word on whether companies will be interested in commercializing the prototypes, but we doubt it would be easy to market that kind of stuff.