The mobile device usage continues to grow. By the end of this year, there will be 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. Some people, will even be using more than one device themselves. Our devices have become such a part of us that we can’t live without them.

From tracking your health and organizing your life, to managing your finances, and entertaining you all night, add sports betting and gambling to the list right now too. It’s becoming bigger than ever before.

Here’s why.

Betting is becoming social

Everything is becoming social, and betting is hopping on that bandwagon too. It’s one of the hottest trends over the last couple of years, and it will continue to grow as well this year. One of the reasons for it is the ability to cater to vast and large audiences of different demographic targets. From the casual gamer to the professional, many companies are offering games that offer games that ride on a social and addictive factor.

You can bet, there's an app for that!

Do a search on app stores and you'll find more all different kinds. From card games to stock market trading, the results are endless. Today, consumers spent more time inside mobile applications than watching television in 2015.

Despite the popularity of apps, app usage remains highly concentrated with the top five apps and they account for 80 percent of usage time, according to comScore.

With that perspective in mind, some 30% of all worldwide gambling revenue is derived from mobile betting apps. This hold a huge significance to the gambling industry and it cannot be overlooked or understated. Much like how gambling moved from its traditional roots to websites, it now finds it is at the cusp of yet another transformation, forcing it to assimilate to a whole new environment on our phones.

There are many different reasons why mobile betting is extremely popular these days and it would be wrong to say that one aspect or element was the sole factor in this new-found success.

For example, with improved infrastructure, such as technology and internet access, this means that the improved connectivity and power of connections that smartphones and tablets can achieve is a big factor in why so many people are using these devices.

Modern mobile betting apps are designed with live in-play bets in mind.  They are streamlined, and are simple to use allowing bets to be made in real time. It’s also very convenient for the player with tools like these at their fingertips. 

More than 50 percent of search queries are done using a mobile phone

Mobile’s traction continues to grow with companies like Google including app search result. With emphasize on the industry itself, and with over 100 billion deep links within apps indexed, search has made marketing an app much, much easier – much as it did for Webpages, in general.

The smartphone is becoming a mobile gambling and betting hotspot as it becomes a device everyone becomes more dependent on. While app usage is focused primarily on the top five dominant ones, there will be more and smaller others that cater to niche interests and functions.

It’s not just evident by technology and platforms like social marketplaces, and apps, but also mobile wallets that may soon in future become a defacto standard for keeping and using our credit facilities’ information.

By the end of 2017 mobile commerce will grow to 24.4 percent of the total e-commerce sales. 44 percent of consumers would be interested in receiving deals and coupons, from brands, directly on their mobile devices.

If this isn’t a sign that everything will soon be at our fingertips, it’s because it already is.