The fashion and modeling industry is undoubtedly dominated by Americans and British, followed by Brazilians and Russians. This is why most modeling agencies look for models with ancestry or direct linkage to these regions. It feels like the modeling companies within this sector have landed the ‘success formula,’ in which limiting their search and restricting their efforts to just a specific demographic will bring results. 

With this approach, these talent managing firms might be able to get someone exceptionally talented in a brief time, but they are also overlooking or neglecting the beauty, glamour, and brains that might exist beyond the demographical limit set by the people as well as the firms. 

Beauty with intellect, wisdom, and intelligence can be found anywhere worldwide, irrespective of origin, beliefs, or historical data. When talking about such potential that lies beyond, it is hard not to mention Romania—a city of legend, history, and beauty. Not a highlight on the map of the modeling world, this country is home to some of the most elite models of their time. Starting with globally well-reputed fashion models such as Andreea Diaconu, Mădălina Diana Ghenea, Antonia Clara Iacobescuand last but not least Diana Nicoras, Romanian models are making significant contributions to the modeling world, and everyone needs to know them. 

Diana Nicoras is an exceptionally talented model, born and raised in Zalau, ready to take the world by storm. With some of the most influential awards under her name, Diana is a name that is already starting to appear on the global stage. Starting her career in 2009, Diana has reached today the peak of success. From being selected for the magazine edition of Playboy in 2013 to becoming one of the highest-paid models in the country, Diana has come a long way. 

Starting with being represented by the most recognized modeling agency in Romania, Transylvania Fashion Model Management, Diana proved that with hard work and faith, anything is possible. Her potential was soon recognized and caught the attention of the masses across the country. She was presented with the NEXT Upcoming Model Award at TOP Model Romania by Steven Segal. This was just the beginning of her journey toward becoming a Romanian supermodel. For the next three years, Diana proved her excellence time and time again. This is a reason why within just a few years, she became a recipient of four prestigious modeling awards, including the ZEPTER TOP Model Romania Award, JAGUAR Top Model Romania Award, BELGRAVO TOP Model Romania Award, and TOP Model Romania. The recipients of these awards undergo an extensive process to prove their potential. Starting with preliminary judging in swimsuits to personality interviews, these contests are known to extract the most out of all candidates. Diana Nicoras being a beautiful woman with a vision, was able to impress all the people involved, leading her to become a recipient of the country’s most renowned modeling awards. 

Her accolades, awards, and recognition are exactly what an aspiring model would need to make it big in an industry of immense competitiveness. Besides these awards, Diana’s work has also led her to get featured in Europe’s most notable fashion weeks, such as Bucharest Fashion Week. Given how Diana became the talk of the town, she was immediately reached by major media outlets across the country. She is no longer a local model but instead a nationally recognized professional with celebrity status. 

One of the most significant achievements that Diana has under her name is, of course, her being selected as a feature in Playboy Magazine’s May 2013’s edition. Playboy is hands down the most widely read and recognized magazine in the world. It is sold in almost every part of the world. Getting featured in this magazine is like a dream come true for all fashion models. Diana was able to live the moment, which usually is just a dream for models. The fact that the team behind Playboy chooses the best in every country to be featured in their magazine proves that the world recognizes Diana’s potential. This made it quite evident that Diana would soon become an international modeling sensation. 

In less than a decade, Diana Nicoras has made her way to becoming a supermodel in Romania. Now she is working tirelessly to acquire global recognition. The pace at which she is taking her career is enough to convince that the world will soon see Diana as an international model and spokesmodel.