There is something special about buying yourself a new lingerie set and trying it on for the first time. You feel sexy, empowered, beautiful, daring, and breath-taking. Lingerie is unique; most people probably won’t see it, maybe just your partner, but wearing it under your clothes can still give you a confidence boost. Why is this? 

Today, we are here to tell you a little bit about the psychology of lingerie and why it’s so important to invest in pieces that make you feel stunning. Read on to get a better understanding of the mystery of lingerie. 

Wearing Lingerie Is About You, Not Your Partner 

Putting on some lacy lingerie is a nice way to spice things up in the bedroom. However, wearing lingerie should be for you, not your partner. What we wear directly affects how we feel, and when you put on some sexy undergarments, you’ll feel that instant confidence boost. Wear lingerie for you and no one else; do it because you love yourself. 

Different lingerie colors can make you feel different ways, too. For example, black lingerie is typically associated with feelings of romance and elegance. When you’re not feeling great and seeking to feel sexy and elegant, put on your favorite set of black lingerie and you’ll be feeling confident in no time.  

Red lingerie, on the other hand, is associated with fun and excitement; it isn’t for the faint of heart. You should put on some sexy red lingerie under your clothes when you need to add an extra pep to your step. Knowing that you have bright red lingerie on under your clothing will be a fun little secret you get to keep from the world, and you’ll find yourself behaving daringly and flirtatiously. 

Express Your Personal Style 

Whether it’s the workplace, the people you are around, or just a lack of desire, you may not be able to show off your personal style to the world. You might have to wear a business professional suit every day when you would rather be wearing something colorful and frilly. Thankfully, lingerie can serve as an outlet for you to secretly express your personal style. No matter what clothes you are wearing on the outside, you can still feel true to your identity by wearing lingerie that fits with your personality on the inside of your clothes. 

The ability to express yourself through lingerie can be cathartic for people who feel suppressed in their personal style. Maybe your family disapproves of flashy clothes, and you may not be in a place to go against them. If this, or something similar, is the case for you, try expressing your style under your clothes. It will be a little secret you get to keep with yourself, and as we said earlier, you should wear lingerie for yourself and not to please anyone else. If you’re struggling with self-expression in clothing, go on a lingerie shopping spree in which you only buy lingerie that is unashamedly 100% you. 

Lingerie Gives You a Sense of Control and Power 

For most of us, there are not many things we can control in life. Unexpected events happen left and right, some small and some world-shattering. Going through something like this can make you feel as if you have no control over your own life, and thoughts like this can contribute to poor mental health. 

However, another point to make regarding the psychology of lingerie is that wearing the lingerie style of your choice can give you a sense of control and power. When everything is falling apart, something as simple as choosing your own lingerie and wearing it under your clothes can be extremely empowering, giving you the confidence you need to face the changing world around you. If you need to regain control over your life, buy a lingerie set you absolutely love, put it on, and feel the empowering effects of wearing something you love. 

Embrace Your Femininity 

Your mind and body are tightly intertwined, so if your body is going through changes, your mind might be feeling less feminine and more insecure. People’s bodies go through changes all the time; pregnancy, weight loss or gain, medical treatments, and surgeries are just a few examples. When your body goes through these harsh changes, it can sometimes make you feel less beautiful. Every body is beautiful in every stage, but as we said, our minds and bodies are connected, meaning that changes in our bodies can make us believe things we typically wouldn’t. 

Lingerie can help you embrace your femininity when your body is going through changes. As mentioned before, this also gives you a sense of power and control over your body. Since the body can make the mind experience negative thoughts, it’s a wonderful feeling to reclaim your body; make yourself feel confident and feminine by putting on sexy lingerie. The confidence your body feels will translate into you feeling like you have reclaimed your femininity and personal identity. 


The psychology of lingerie is a complex matter, and we’ve only scratched the surface here. The best way to learn the extent of lingerie’s effect on your mental health is to treat yourself with a new set of lingerie. Your mind and body will thank you.