Everybody loves a good bit of fruit, whether they like apples, or they're more of a grapefruit person. You might stick to everyday grapes or branch out into exotic papayas, but either way a nice piece of fruit can make you feel great. But we usually stick to eating fruit, either raw or cooked. It's meant to taste good and be a (sometimes) healthy snack. Fruit has some weird hidden uses though, and people aren't afraid to experiment with it.

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Face Masks

People just love putting fruit on their face. Some fruit can be good for the skin, especially if you need a moisturizing face mask. Mashing up an avocado and smearing it over your face might not sound very pleasant, but the oils it contains could leave you with smooth and silky skin. Fruit is great for a face scrub too - people have long been mixing lemon juice and sugar for a natural scrub. Other fruits you can make face masks from include tomato, watermelon and strawberries. In fact, you can mash just about anything up and apply it to your face, but it doesn't mean it will do anything.

Weight Loss

Eating to lose weight might seem like an odd idea, but when it's fruit it doesn't count. Many fruits are purported to have weight loss properties, from pomegranates to grapefruits. One of the more recent trends is supplements with pure garcinia cambogia. This native Indonesian fruit contains an acid that could aid weight loss. Weight loss fruits are often things you've never heard of before, but don't be afraid to try new things.

Cleaning Products

If fruit cleans your face, it can surely help you clean your house too. You can use lemon rind to rub mineral deposits and other grime from chrome faucets. It's also great for cleaning your kitchen countertops and leaves a lovely lemony smell too. Grapefruit is another great natural cleaning agent. It has natural antibacterial properties and smells good too. You can use grapefruit juice as a cleaner if you you're trying to avoid products full of chemicals.

Serving Bowls

You've probably seen people drinking cocktails from coconuts, but people also use melon halves as serving bowls. They look nice, but they're only temporary. Still, you could use the melon shell to flavor your drink, soup or whatever it is you're serving. Watermelons are great to fill with fruit because they're usually quite big.


Instead of using rubber stamps, go the organic route and use a hard fruit to create interesting shapes. You might have made a potato stamp before, but you can also use apples and other fruits.

Candle Holders

You recognize the traditional Halloween carved-out pumpkin, but have you ever tried making other lanterns and candle holders with fruit? You can core out apples to make tea-light holders or use other squashes to carve out designs and place candles inside. You could even try scooping out a watermelon and floating some apple tea-lights inside of it.