Are you single and available? Then the crappy economy is all your fault! At least, that's what the results of a recent Gallup poll is claiming.

After polling more than 130,000 people, they found that married folks were likely to earn more and spend more. Thus, the economy would be better of if more marriages took place:
Married Americans report a daily spending average of $102, followed by $98 among those who are living in domestic partnerships, $74 by divorced Americans, $67 by those who are single and never married, and $62 by those who are widowed. … [A]cross all age groups, those who are married spend more than those of other marital statuses.

“Married Americans spend more than the average American in part because they have higher-than-average income. Single Americans spend less, in part because they have lower- than-average incomes.”
So there you have it single folks. The fate of the U.S. economy lies in your hands! It's up to you to find a mate, get married and spend your money like there's no tomorrrow.

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