If you need any more proof that dads will do anything for their daughters, this list has 15. Of course, there are a lot more examples out there. Dads are the best. No doubt about this. Check it out:

1. This dad followed his daughter to a One Direction Concert. He slept though.

2. This dad having tea time with his daughter.

3. This dad helping to make his baby comfortable.

4. This dad who didn't mind the unexpected relief from his daughter.

5. This dad who let his daughter use him as a coloring book.

6. This dad who dressed up as Queen Elsa for his daughter.

7. The infamous Princess Leia dad.

8. Dad is Wonder Woman.

9. The Red Riding Hood dad.

10. This dad who made a swing for his daughter.

11. This dad who's not ashamed of having a lot of pink around him.

12. This dad who let his toes be used for a pedicure.

13. This dad who wore a bow with his daughter.

14. This dad who let his daughter style his hair.

15. This dad who entertained his daughter's tea time request.